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Living in Chile Spec Ops Training, Chile style (11)
True dat! I was chatting with the local Pacos and asked how often they got out to practise with their Taurus 38s, the response: "never". Re the weapo...
25-April-2015 10:16AM

Living in Chile calbuco volcano blows southern chile (120)
Just some steady puffing going on this morning.
25-April-2015 7:05AM

Living in Chile Coyhaique: we're umm, number one (42)
Coyhaique is green but Osorno needs evacuation. And Chillan too.
24-April-2015 7:19PM

Living in Chile Eco Houses Possible to build in Chile? (32)
In Australia we call it our Shed.
24-April-2015 12:37PM

Chile Pets and Animals Chile: country of street dogs (150)
chucao_ambar, Wow ! You do a marvelous perplex writing ! Going back to Ronin dogs of Chile. Think of them, did not see many roaming the streets when I...
24-April-2015 12:15PM

Jobs in Chile and Work Related Issues in Chile Job opening in UdeC English Online Program (6)
Can you discuss salary and benefits? I have a Masters degree in ESL and five years of experience.
24-April-2015 11:33AM

Living in Chile "La corrupciĆ³n ha llegado" (24)
For someone who regularly champions the cause of intolerance, such comments are very amusing.
23-April-2015 2:30PM

Legal Issues U.S. citizens, your immigration reciprocity fee is back (5)
No, you don't pay the fee as a permanent resident.
23-April-2015 10:07AM

Living in Chile Multiple SIM cards on a single RUT (4)
I have heard that does not need a RUT to activate. Chile Virgin SIMs use the Movistar network.
23-April-2015 2:57AM

Legal Issues Permanent residence and Prorroga (10)
Yes the certificado
22-April-2015 1:25PM

Chile Exchange Rates

April 25, 2015
UF $24.730,10
UTM (Abril) $43.240,00
Dólar Observado 27-04-2015 $614,42
Euro 27-04-2015 $666,91
TCM(02/01/1998=100) 27-04-2015 $107,38
Source: Central Bank of Chile