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Living in Chile Chile & Hague Apostille Convention info (19)
Instead of going thru the Chilean " burrocracy " ( donkeycracy) stamping and fingerprinting a stack of papers, would've been easier and more fun havi...
3-September-2015 4:43PM

Living in Chile Can anyone recommend an English speaking mechanic (3)
English-speaking and recommended by a bunch of people on The Chile Experience group on FB.
3-September-2015 2:43PM

Living in Chile Best time of year to buy firewood (8)
3-September-2015 12:47PM

Legal Issues Leaving Chile during Visa Limbo? (30)
I think in 6-18 months we're going to get a post from you about how you were taken aside at the airport SII counter or the Paso Internacional, and to...
3-September-2015 12:46PM

Legal Issues Temporary RUT for Foreigners Change (NOT VISA RELATED) (15)
2 to 3 biz days typically once we have the poa. We often can do it the same day depending on our work load and logistical issues, 2-3 to be on the saf...
3-September-2015 9:00AM

Moving to Chile Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, (1)
Weon, the purpose of human life here in Maipu is to cover everything in graffiti, Simple, no?
3-September-2015 1:09AM

Living in Chile Ownership of automobile transfer frustration (15)
Absolutely agree DB. If you can't have laugh you're in big trouble.
2-September-2015 8:27PM

New Users Start Here: FORUM NEWS Low pollution + high temperatures? (13)
2-September-2015 6:58PM

Chile Investment, business, and Money Issues Chile Peso 2015-2016, 700 here we come (198)
Ah, yes. Checked my account again today, and the charge has been adjusted to $438.86 (~= 692.7 CLP / USD)
2-September-2015 10:42AM

Moving to Chile Moving to Arauco?? (20)
Haha Gringo Vikingo I love your username! And yes my husband's mother is Swedish, but he grew up in Germany so he doesn't speak Swedish I'll take a p...
1-September-2015 9:18PM

Chile Exchange Rates

September 3, 2015
UF $25.203,94
UTM (Septiembre) $44.243,00
Dólar Observado $688,24
Euro $773,74
TCM(02/01/1998=100) $115,34
Source: Central Bank of Chile