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Moving to Chile Chilean Wife Wants Us to Move to Chile (59)
50:50 since 2007. Bits of spring, all of summer, bits of autumn, no winters in both hemispheres = the good life!
1-March-2015 7:11AM

Chile Investment, business, and Money Issues Chile Economy Finishes 2014 with Slowest Growth Rate in 5 Years (13)
I was curious what the numbers look like. looks like MN is about 71 billion, but they do a two year budget cycle. call it about 35 billion and change ...
1-March-2015 6:52AM

Chile Earthquake 2010 Chile 2010 Earthquake anniversary (2015) (50)
burning herself with gas? for what reason? This happen more than a year after, and I had already move out in the forest. The Lady I see burning, may h...
1-March-2015 5:57AM

Legal Issues Gobernacion took my tourist card after prorroga? (7)
Oh wow, I didn't realize they were cracking down so much. Do you think it's more of a case by case basis? Or can anyone get denied at this point. I t...
28-February-2015 9:06PM

Lobby This should disqualify Hillary Clinton from any office, but I'm sure it won't (22)
Your attempt to bring outside conversations into this subject is a sign of weakness in your argument. I am disappointed in you, John, but not surpris...
28-February-2015 8:56PM

Chile Classifieds Moving sale. Good deals (1)
We are leaving Chile is just two weeks and have tried to price things to sell quickly. We live in Vina but I will travel to Santiago this week if ther...
28-February-2015 8:47PM

Chile Pets and Animals Caught a fox (zorro) in Southern Chile (35)
Patagonian fox
28-February-2015 8:38PM

Living in Chile Is my landlord responsible for fixing stuff? (13)
I generally take the attitude with the landlords over the years, that the amount of time it takes me to screw around with them will cost me in time an...
28-February-2015 8:36PM

Living in Chile Health Insurance for 68-year old Woman with Pre-existing Conditions (2)
AUGE, might be of help, but it is not a silver bullet. It is mandatory covered conditions under FONASA, but has a lot of political smoke and mirrors a...
28-February-2015 8:13PM

Lobby Mujica: afraid of a maybe military coup for Venezuela (21)
28-February-2015 2:54PM

Chile Exchange Rates

March 1, 2015
UF $24.546,11
UTM $-
Dólar Observado 02-03-2015 $618,76
Euro 02-03-2015 $692,59
TCM(02/01/1998=100) 02-03-2015 $108,71
Source: Central Bank of Chile