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Travel in Chile Good place to buy a used car (10)
one of my friend bought a used car from, overall experience was good, so you can also give them a try.
29-March-2015 10:44PM

Moving to Chile Money* Moving back to the U.S. (10)
Yes DFW is a bad place to convert money. Maybe find a bank or credit union in your state that'll trade you for USD.
29-March-2015 10:22PM

Lobby Saudi Arabia attacks in Yemen (43)
As in Iran's? Obama seems pretty fond of them. Israelis might differ with that novel neoconic trend, by the way.
29-March-2015 8:38PM

Lobby TPP and the Pacific Alliance (85)
True. The same can be said for many (most??) government "regulations".
29-March-2015 6:28PM

Chile Classifieds beach house for sale, Las Cruces, central coast (7)
No, it's a fairly upscale little enclave. I've got the biggest problem what with the surfers arriving at 0500, piling out, and leaving the stereo and...
29-March-2015 5:01PM

Legal Issues Bringing in lots of stuff from the airport (11)
FWIW/FYI, in terms of shipping, donated items, clearing customs, and goodwill: In August of 2014 and later I helped One World Play Project: connect w...
29-March-2015 1:33PM

Lobby Copa America 2015 (14)
The way Chile played this week against Iran and Brazil, I do not think it will be to difficult to find tickets...
29-March-2015 1:26PM

Chile Investment, business, and Money Issues Buying Clothes in Argentina (10)
When the first gen Koreanos went to Argentina doin' the Ropa fabric business, the quality was somehow considered so so OK but when their siblings took...
29-March-2015 12:55PM

Living in Chile Norte Floods (29)
Aside from the one statement by one man, there hasn't been any other evidence that it is true. It will eventually be easy enough to prove or disprove.
29-March-2015 6:32AM

Legal Issues What can my Chilean baby legally contract? (12)
The lesson being give no more information than you are asked for. Not a bad motto for life in general. Glad you were successful.
28-March-2015 7:27PM

Chile Exchange Rates

March 30, 2015
UF $24.616,44
UTM (Marzo) $43.068,00
Dólar Observado 30-03-2015 $622,79
Euro 30-03-2015 $679,68
TCM(02/01/1998=100) 30-03-2015 $108,19
Source: Central Bank of Chile