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Living in Chile Tankless Electric Water Heaters (16)
Since most available electric water heaters are exactly the same shape, just larger or smaller, the 30l Trotter is the only one, at ~36cm deep, that f...
23-May-2015 2:00AM

Lobby Please tell me robbery is not common like this one... (4)
thats a rare one for santiago, its usually snatch and run... sounds more like a story you would expect in BA.
23-May-2015 1:57AM

Legal Issues US Notary In Santiago (9)
I found the entire thread to be confusing, until I got to the end and got a clue. For what it's worth, my brother is a notary public in the U.S. and I...
23-May-2015 1:45AM

Living in Chile Eco Houses Possible to build in Chile? (50)
I imagine it varies in different parts of Chile, but a VERY approximate rule of thumb for estimating construction cost in the U.S. is that the total ...
23-May-2015 1:22AM

Food in Chile The Lack of "Fresh" Milk in Chile (94)
My daughter is (she says) lactose intolerant. When we're in the U.S. my (late) wife used to buy a lactose-free milk with the brand name "Lactaid." Of ...
23-May-2015 12:46AM

Lobby Bolivia (43)
Don't understand the relevance of your comments as Bolivia and Paraguay are the only two countries in the Americas without access to the sea. However...
23-May-2015 12:14AM

Chile Classifieds Follow Me App (1)
Hi everyone, We are a little start up project located in beautiful Chile, and we are launching an app. It allows your smartphone to guide you through ...
22-May-2015 5:52PM

Living in Chile Water purifiers (13)
Thanks guys I'm off to a camping shop this weekend. The MSR miniworks EX microfilter pump looks perfect. About the chemical analysis, I have no idea....
22-May-2015 11:35AM

Chile Pets and Animals Possible to be a practicing veterinarian in Chile? (11)
You want good money, look at Europe, Hong Kong New Zeland or Japan perhaps.
22-May-2015 10:49AM

Legal Issues Getting a Driver's License (19)
Randomly pulled over by the police on the road between Talagante and Isla de Maipo. I did not even have my foreign license with me. I literally had no...
21-May-2015 10:23PM

Chile Exchange Rates

May 23, 2015
UF $24.866,33
UTM (Mayo) $43.499,00
Dólar Observado 25-05-2015 $607,60
Euro 25-05-2015 $669,24
TCM(02/01/1998=100) 25-05-2015 $105,88
Source: Central Bank of Chile