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Living in Chile Abortion (19)
"fair" in your socialistic/communistic viewpoint. I don't mind helping others; on conditions I set as the contributor, not on the conditions others se...
4-August-2015 11:57PM

Chile Real Estate, Property, and Construction Why not to buy real estate in Pucon, a case study. (24)
The realitor getting half comision from both parties is normal. Why i say they are rarly looking out for the buyer. The penalty in a promissory is to...
4-August-2015 6:42PM

Food in Chile Kombucha (1)
Does anyone know where I can get a SCOBY in Santiago to make Kombucha? Thanks
4-August-2015 5:24PM

Living in Chile Wind (3)
we had some nice gusts last night or early this morning. made a nice mess of the yard and roof.
4-August-2015 4:54PM

Chile Investment, business, and Money Issues Chile Peso 2015-2016, 700 here we come (102)
anyone know what the banks are charging these days? they must be pushing near 700 pesos retail right now. they typically take a 12 peso cut, mas or me...
4-August-2015 4:26PM

Chile Classifieds Fully furnished apartment for rent, Vina Del Mar, 3 bedroom, 3 bath (12)
Na, they have been fully tested by the former resident. I don't think I would put carpet in anything any more, dogs or no dogs. It is like this big d...
4-August-2015 4:15PM

Living in Chile Norte Floods (40)
4-August-2015 11:04AM

Lobby "tenemos un problema bastante jodido" (64)
It's bleeding obvious that drug laws are primarily in place to ensure there are adequate criminals and jails to justify high "law enforcement" expend...
4-August-2015 2:05AM

Living in Chile Transantiago as a metaphor (15)
3-August-2015 5:04PM

New Users Start Here: FORUM NEWS New Users MUST Post At Least Once, or Loose your account (431)
3-August-2015 1:28PM

Chile Exchange Rates

August 5, 2015
UF $25.102,73
UTM (Agosto) $44.067,00
Dólar Observado $678,44
Euro $742,93
TCM(02/01/1998=100) $115,51
Source: Central Bank of Chile