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Not dull. A whole lot more than obvious opportunities goes on in a match. You have to leave certain expectations at the door. It grows on you... if y...
5-July-2015 7:36PM

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One little detail. Because it works with a laser/electricity in the event of power shortage you'll need a back up such a propane gas heater or a gener...
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So.... Here in Chile we have Diputados and Senadores. Were Chile's Senators always elected diectly? Or was there also a change made here at some point...
5-July-2015 12:34PM

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Ah thank you Donnybrook. I will look at them.
5-July-2015 9:02AM

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When i left the UK to go to work in Canada my status was called "Landed Immigrant" but I still felt I was English. When I moved to Uruguay I became a ...
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Marker42,congrats good for you and family on Chile future living. Are you going to be established around Santiasco or down south? Building new home or...
2-July-2015 12:17PM

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The EU has to change anyway. Immigration control is becoming a disaster, and for a long time more internal boarder controls have been coming in. I do...
1-July-2015 10:24PM

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30-June-2015 9:00PM

Chile Exchange Rates

July 6, 2015
UF $24.992,94
UTM (Julio) $43.848,00
Dólar Observado $636,39
Euro $705,92
TCM(02/01/1998=100) $110,20
Source: Central Bank of Chile