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Moving to Chile Might move to Santiago, Chile (14)
Admin's description certainly rings true. I lean right-wing on most things, but even I'm sick of the blatant hypocrisy I see on display from some of m...
28-July-2015 7:38PM

Lobby "tenemos un problema bastante jodido" (29)
28-July-2015 5:36PM

Travel in Chile Which one is antifreeze? (10)
These are not often used except in cold-region building heating systems. More expensive, but supposedly safer around animals.
28-July-2015 4:11PM

Travel in Chile LAN Will Have First Dreamliner Flights Into South America Starting July 2015 (24)
The claim that you are making that this wasn't in fact the cause, but rather that it was caused by a piece of carpet left in the fuel tank, is pretty...
28-July-2015 3:56PM

Food in Chile British food and beer!!! (31)
Also some British goodies available here: Some delivery (and pick up) in eastern Santiago but, if you ask nicely, there is the possibility of a care ...
28-July-2015 3:48PM

Lobby Could be worse (9)
28-July-2015 3:41PM

Food in Chile Chester Beer, Puerto Varas, Gringo Brewer. (17)
Good place, I went there the last summer
28-July-2015 3:27PM

Lobby House/Appartment prices in Santiago (5)
I didn't know that donnybrook, thanks
28-July-2015 3:25PM

Travel in Chile Best bus company for Santiago to Mendoza trip (22)
I think that Andesmar is the best, I like it
28-July-2015 3:24PM

Lobby Iran: The best enemy money can buy (4)
The world must stop ISIS before that be too late
28-July-2015 3:23PM

Chile Exchange Rates

July 28, 2015
UF $25.074,47
UTM (Julio) $43.848,00
Dólar Observado $665,18
Euro $738,76
TCM(02/01/1998=100) $113,76
Source: Central Bank of Chile