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Living in Chile Is my landlord responsible for fixing stuff? (16)
If I remember right, my landlord originally gave me a lease that said I had to return the place in the "same condition" as when I rented it. But no w...
2-March-2015 9:56PM

Chile Earthquake 2010 Chile 2010 Earthquake anniversary (2015) (80)
Oh... missed this post, but weird to think I've been here (on and off, but mostly on) for over 5 years. I slept through the whole ordeal... It was "on...
2-March-2015 9:09PM

Legal Issues Importing a travel trailer for a V6 4Runner (10)
Yeah, Flat rack it would be. Wrapped up, secured, etc.
2-March-2015 7:45PM

Living in Chile Impacts of green tax on new vehicles in Chile (15)
Say you. Try skepticle of pseudoscience. More skepticle of progressives.
2-March-2015 7:13PM

Chile Investment, business, and Money Issues The Forbes List Is Out on the 12 Richest Chileans. (1)
SO the Luksic widow is number one, Paulmann from Jumbo is 2nd and the family Matte, the three all come in 3rd, although if you combined their amounts...
2-March-2015 6:18PM

Jobs in Chile and Work Related Issues in Chile Looking for a part-time professional assistant in Santiago (2)
Hi, Did you receive the PM
2-March-2015 4:03PM

Legal Issues Leaving the country for 3 months for work on Visa Subjeto de Contrato (2)
Since the laws say nothing about how many times you can come and go, just how many days you plant yourself within the confines of Chile's borders, the...
2-March-2015 3:49PM

Chile Classifieds For Sale Suzuki Grand Nomade 2011 4x4 67000km (1)
Hi all. Time to leave for us, so I am selling our Suzuki Grand Nomade 2011 4x4 (exact model: 2.4L glx sport 4x4, gasoline powered, 67000km, equiped wi...
2-March-2015 2:58PM

Legal Issues Car Registration (1)
Sold my pickup last May and went to Registro and signed a bunch of papers and got my money in cash and went away happy leaving the truck with the buye...
2-March-2015 11:39AM

Lobby Mr Spock is dead. Long live Mr Spock. (7)
Like when Scotty picked up the mouse and tried to speak into it? "Computer! Here is the design for transparent aluminum: ..." You wrote a fine eulog...
2-March-2015 11:00AM

Chile Exchange Rates

March 2, 2015
UF $24.546,98
UTM $-
Dólar Observado $618,76
Euro $692,59
TCM(02/01/1998=100) $108,71
Source: Central Bank of Chile