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Living in Chile I'm bored of living here (51)
Should your comments be criticized, or ignored, because of the spelling and other errors, as some posters did with Diego's? As for this 'honesty' tha...
6-October-2015 11:23PM

Legal Issues Marriage and visas (23)
I could be black in America and get shot as well. Freedom n Liberty etc, Or get clipped by a Ford F-150 in santiago
6-October-2015 10:36PM

Legal Issues Temporary RUT for Foreigners Change (NOT VISA RELATED) (22)
Indeed, I wouldn't. In case anyone wondered, on the occasions mentioned, they were all single transactions, cash or U.S. credit card. No Chile accoun...
6-October-2015 9:27PM

Chile Classifieds Moving Sale! Package priced so low so we don't have to rent a bodega (5)
ITEMS SOLD! Thank you!!!
6-October-2015 9:07PM

Chile Investment, business, and Money Issues Property Values? (22)
The UK and Spain are different indexes, like the SP500 and Shanghai Composite are different. So the numbers aren't going to be the same. Are prices i...
6-October-2015 7:54PM

Thorn Tree Chile Parcela construction woes (18)
Typically thise sorts of "well diggers" take care of themselves. Every so often you see one or two had the walls colapse on them, and they and their m...
6-October-2015 4:29PM

Lobby TPP and the Pacific Alliance (100)
Biologic drugs
6-October-2015 4:10PM

Food in Chile Heinz Baked beans (5)
Found it, thank you!
6-October-2015 3:20PM

Food in Chile NEW FOOD IN CHILE FORUM (41)
Diabetic safe dishes anybody ?
6-October-2015 2:30PM

Living in Chile I almost ate a bug (9)
Don't worry, is just a little extra protein!
6-October-2015 1:58PM

Chile Exchange Rates

October 7, 2015
UF $25.382,27
UTM (Octubre) $44.553,00
Dólar Observado $685,83
Euro $767,06
TCM(02/01/1998=100) $115,13
Source: Central Bank of Chile