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Lobby Long term expat FICO musings (2)
I always figured you're better off without good credit. I haven't checked mine in a really long time either.
25-January-2015 6:53PM

Living in Chile dracaena fertilizer (1)
Does anyone know what kind of fertilzer I should get for a potted dracaena? Preferably something available from Sodimac. I killed 3 so far, and I have...
25-January-2015 6:11PM

Living in Chile 12 Curious Things About Chile (47)
But I did read the source article:
25-January-2015 5:18PM

Lobby Super Bowl Party? Santiago (1)
Hi all, I'm in Santiago for Super Bowl Sunday and wanted to see if folks were interested I'm getting together to watch the Super Bowl (go 'Hawks). I d...
25-January-2015 4:44PM

Living in Chile importing stuff from ebay (13)
According to this: assorted used clothes weigh between 225 and 540 pounds per cubic yard, depending on how much they're squashed. So you could get ab...
25-January-2015 3:38PM

Lobby The State of the States (1689)
25-January-2015 2:57PM

Living in Chile keeping ants off a lemon tree (12)
It's a mess, whatever it is.
25-January-2015 1:33PM

Chile's Believe It or Not!! A Fresh ChupaCabra Story----Yes! (7)
Unfortunately, what I heard was not gato. A 2 liter box of it though can numb fear and possible make you see things.
25-January-2015 1:30PM

Living in Chile 1986:US Considered Pinochet Asylum (1)
Living in Chile during this time---you knew the situation and it was serious but as serious as this----I don't see it-----There were things going on b...
25-January-2015 1:28PM

Living in Chile SocDevelop Minsister Villegas: Poverty Fallen, Inequality Remains (2)
sorry, I call bullshit on anyone claiming there are people able to live in Chile on less than $1 a day, or say 500 pesos a day, or about 15,000-20,000...
25-January-2015 1:10PM

Chile Exchange Rates

January 25, 2015
UF $24.576,21
UTM (Enero) $43.198,00
Dólar Observado 26-01-2015 $626,38
Euro 26-01-2015 $705,62
TCM(02/01/1998=100) 26-01-2015 $111,62
Source: Central Bank of Chile