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Chile Classifieds Free lumber (1)
Various sizes of 2x4 and 2x6, a large sheet of particle board, and a couple pieces of hardware.. Free for the taking, get this outta my living room. S...
1-April-2015 6:27PM

Living in Chile Ballenet's ONEMI: "We don't need your help" (5)
1-April-2015 6:04PM

Chile Pets and Animals Historic floods and animal relief in Chile? (2)
The inability of the government to adequately deal with disasters, and the propensity of the locals to run scams --- these take no vacations. -- Why ...
1-April-2015 5:53PM

Lobby Japan's fairy tale project! (1)
1-April-2015 1:22PM

Legal Issues Citizenship by Naturalization (9)
I usually do things way in advance but sometimes it backfires on me, however I would suggest not to wait for the last minute. Give yourself at least ...
1-April-2015 11:00AM

Living in Chile Fjordlands: Flamencos/flamingos (29)
by carabineros in 1976 after a long night of heavy drinking. Their descendents can be seen working in the bars in Puerto Natales, or running guided k...
1-April-2015 8:49AM

Lobby Copa America 2015 (18)
Which presumably means there are no allocated seats you take any available place?
1-April-2015 8:03AM

Travel in Chile The New York Times visits the Chilean central coast (32)
Often. It is called "love".
31-March-2015 11:23PM

Travel in Chile Good place to buy a used car (18)
I would not buy a used car from Pepito.
31-March-2015 11:53AM

Moving to Chile US family relocate - Chilean Coastal recommendations (102)
Bump About one of the focal points in the ongoing education reform. The politics being what matters most to the fools. Wonder if they will ever get a...
31-March-2015 11:18AM

Chile Exchange Rates

April 1, 2015
UF $24.625,95
UTM (Abril) $43.240,00
Dólar Observado $626,58
Euro $672,73
TCM(02/01/1998=100) $108,51
Source: Central Bank of Chile