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Living in Chile Banco Estado maintenance 12/10/15 (7)
What's the holiday, by the way?
9-October-2015 5:11PM

Living in Chile 8.4 earthquake, tsunami evacuation (official thread) (216)
This is for E (I know you're out there watching us) and others interested in the emergency mass messaging system. If you go to your "Messages" menu > "...
9-October-2015 3:34PM

New Users Start Here: FORUM NEWS La Serena/Coquimbo (4)
Thanks LightAges and thisisreallycomplicated for the update. That's a relief,we really look forward to visiting norte chico. Regards
9-October-2015 2:33PM

Lobby Adopted from Chile, need some help (4)
I'm Norwegian, and have lived in Chile for 10 Year. I can give you help with other thing than finding your family. Anyway don't travel alone! unless y...
9-October-2015 10:11AM

New Users Start Here: FORUM NEWS New Users MUST Post At Least Once, or Loose your account (438)
Hello from the Dorchak family near Puerto Octay! Been here 2+ years and loving life in the Los Lagos region
9-October-2015 9:52AM

Lobby Using a Chilean iPhone in the US (12)
Here is the deal. SUBTEL never mandated that Chile phones be unlocked internationally, only that they work with all Chile carriers which as E discover...
9-October-2015 9:48AM

Chile Investment, business, and Money Issues Chile Peso 2015-2016, 700 here we come (276)
680, but I have the sneaky suspicion this is not going to last. Simply a dead cat bounce, with copper and other commodities taking a breath from the f...
9-October-2015 9:03AM

Lobby Sports Thread (5)
Spent 5 years here in Chile not being invited to play in a single soccer game. Now I play on two teams and am in two leagues... Funny thing how connec...
9-October-2015 8:57AM

Chile Investment, business, and Money Issues Property Values? (34)
being able to deal with the issues of getting a house built right or not is is totally different topic. In theory, yes, you can make a profit on const...
9-October-2015 8:48AM

Lobby Pinochet directly orderd killing of Letelier (7)
Thought you would get a chuckle out of that. Yes, Herzog is a masterpiece...but, my personal favorite is "The Adventures of Augie Marsh".
8-October-2015 4:33PM

Chile Exchange Rates

October 9, 2015
UF $25.399,98
UTM (Octubre) $44.553,00
Dólar Observado $681,70
Euro $769,93
TCM(02/01/1998=100) $115,10
Source: Central Bank of Chile