Pucon - Christmas gifts for kids drive

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Pucon - Christmas gifts for kids drive

Post by go play outside » Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:07 pm

People were so kind and generous when our baby was born 18 months ago that I was planning on giving away a bunch of baby clothes and toys that he has now outgrown. I visited a couple of organisations here in Pucon who support families and kids from the lowest socio-economic group. As a result it's now turned into something of a charity drive for Christmas. We are trying to get clothes, christmas gifts, toys, books etc to help them give their kids a Christmas to remember.

These ladies (predominantly) do amazing work with scarce resources. The charities I am currently focusing on are:
1. The Hogar de Betania, which houses 30 girls from the ages of 5-18. Some are orphans, some have a history that doesn't bear thinking about. 2. La Casita de Los Suenos - this is a govt and municipality funded jardin infantil for babies from 3 months to 5 years. They have FIFTY children in the one building for daycare, mainly from extremely poor families and/or single mothers who need to work. They welcome donations both for the daycare, and to be distributed as gifts for the children.
3. El Hogar de San Martin in Curarrehue, who care for babies and young children from disadvantaged homes and those awaiting adoption. Again, any donations are gratefully received.

We now have the support of various organisations in the town but I thought it was worth raising here in case someone is looking to do a bit of a clear out. I've put the details on our webpage, including how you can contact me so I don't need to post my number here. http://www.chilecentral.cl/donate.html

To be clear, I'm not religiously affiliated,though some of the organisations are, and I usually don't even really find Christmas particularly interesting - but if you could see what some of these people are working with, you would understand!


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Re: Pucon - Christmas gifts for kids drive

Post by annies » Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:55 am

Thanks for creating this thread,
this is really appreciatable
One of my friends started an NGO for child education and also he collect many old toys or clothes from other people for kids who learn education from this NGO

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