WARNING: Chile shipping companies and door to door

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Re: WARNING: Chile shipping companies and door to door

Post by HybridAmbassador » Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:35 pm

Gloria wrote:
chesswolf wrote:Sorry folks. I've used the search feature and spent a few hours trying to find it on my own, but where can I find the actual link to the $5,000 exemption you get one time when you move to Chile? The actual extranjeria page would be very helpful and save me further stress. Thanks!
That's if you are a Chilean citizen, are you? You need to look under ADUANA, extranjería has nothing to do with it.
Read somewhere that in order to take advantage of the exemption, one must have residency process in place before its cargo arriving to Chile ports? Thought the admin did a report on this back circa 2011?
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Re: WARNING: Chile shipping companies and door to door

Post by MikieO » Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:49 am

This thread has been going a long time, I recall 10 yrs ago making most of the mistakes it's possible to make when importing a half 20' container from London. The shippers in the UK were good to their word. But then Chile got involved. The dock workers were on strike in San Antonio, I got an e mail to let me know that my container had landed in Talcahuano. Great... I went down there with my "man Friday" and for 4 days we waited to be given a number out of that little window to find our container in the port. Talcahuano is big. Finally after moving my flight twice I lost patience and bribed the guy in the window with $50. The other customs agents were so pissed but at 09:15 the next day I had aduanas looking over my stuff and I was on my way in an hour. I had paid all the duties etc before. The trucking from Talcahuano up to El Tabo was a shocker but hey, in chile nothing's cheap.

I have a big 1 metre terracotta sun that I have had packed in a crate waiting to go to San Antonio for the past 8 yrs but I never hook up in time with anyone going from LA. I'll pay over the going rate to get it to Chile, just give me enough time to get it to you!
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Re: WARNING: Chile shipping companies and door to door

Post by nosaj » Mon Mar 23, 2020 2:24 pm

Hi All,

So.. My wife moved to Chile around 8-9months ago and I just came to join her about 2 weeks ago.. Yeah I know.. Not the best time to do an international move.....I am struggling to get the right information about shipping our household items to Chile..

From reading most (almost) of the 98 posts here I am still not entirely sure of the best way to ship my items from Cape Town South Africa to Chile.
From what iv gathered here, is that its best to not do door to door and rather have a door to port and then get a Chilean clearing agent. And that's where I'm stuck.... Finding a clearing agent willing to give me a quote or even respond to my emails?

I have arranged an international shipping agent to ship my 1x crate with my household items in it (no bikes or CARS! :lol: )mostly tools and household items, to San Antonio., but before it leaves South Africa I would like to get a clearing agent in Chile to quote on clearing it and then I pick it up from them directly once it it is cleared, so theoretically there shouldn't be any crazy storage charges.

I am not sure if anyone can help me out or maybe DM a reputable clearing agent (if that's allowed??)
I would seriously appreciate the help.. Trying to get anything done when the world is in a shut down is an absolute nightmare... Not to mention people broke into my house in South Africa last night.. So yeah.. Drama.. But we push on and upwards!

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