Alice in Chains guys in Santiago

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Alice in Chains guys in Santiago

Post by mem » Wed Oct 31, 2018 4:17 pm

So my family is up in Santiago for a week taking care of some business. We decided to stay at the Ritz Carlton since we haven't really had a family vacation in 3 years (or stayed in a nice hotel since before that). So we get the club level package and a suite

I am up in the club lounge yesterday and I see this guy walk in dressed like a rocker. Hard to describe, long tailed double up shirts, pants that were tight on his calf and loose on his thighs and funky shoes. A nose ring, and an alice in chains shirt. I think to myself, this guy must think he is a rockstar or something.

Later that night during cocktail hour he is up there talking to a guy with sort of an afro hair style about music and bemoaning how the music industry has changed and you "just can't play certain songs" anymore at certain places.

Then today I see him again at breakfast in the club lounge talking to someone else. Later today I go downstairs out of the hotel and I see a group of people waiting around outside (had been there for hours)...and one of them has an alice in chains shirt on.

So my deductive reasoning skills begin to turn and I think hmmmm? So I look up Alice in Chains (haven't listened to them since the 90's) and sure enough this guy is Sean Kinney and Mr Afro guy he was talking to last night is William DuVall, both of Alice in Chains. The people downstairs are hoping to catch a glimpse of the rockers as they come and go from the boys/girls

I check the touring schedule and sure enough the band is playing in Santiago in November

I guess when celebrity rockers tour they have to stay somewhere...there is no Shangri-La or Mandarin Oriental in Ritz-Carlton it is

Now I can add these guys to my celebrity sighting list. Coolio in an Indonesian airport and Mary Kay Letourneau(three sheets to the wind) with Villi at a restaurant.

I hope the rockers enjoyed my toddler girls outbursts in the club lounge as one decries the injustice that the other has a chocolate pudding parfait and she doesn't. lol. The life of a rocker is tough

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Re: Alice in Chains guys in Santiago

Post by admin » Wed Oct 31, 2018 7:45 pm

yea, chile is small. pretty common to cross paths with celebrities, politicians, etc. there are only so many places they can hide, and if a biz is too "exclusive" it generaly means a biz is going out of biz pretty fast.
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