Getting a Chilean Driving License

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Re: Getting a Chilean Driving License

Post by at46 » Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:27 pm

Spudzilla wrote:
Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:32 pm
Thank you AT46, Britkid, Scandinavian and Frozen North, your comments regarding the color vision tests have been helpful to me. It seems, oddly enough, that the tests may vary considerably. I had a friend who recently took the exam, and I asked him to pay attention to the test, specifically for color vision. He only recalled having to identify the colors of some animals. My condition causes me troubles with the Isahura plate test examination. I can normally distinguish traffic signal colors (although have had problems with the completely non standard devices used by flaggers in Chile).
Unfortunately for me, requirements in the United States regarding physical examination requirements for commercial truck drivers, have made it impossible to pass the color vision test. I have sadly surrendered my commercial driver's license after over 30 years of driving without an in duty accident.
I believe that my "disability" actually forced me to be more aware of conditions on the road without relying on the visual stimulation of color changes on traffic signals.
I will probably wait until my hand is forced, to take the test, and I am thankful that apparently the Ishaura test is not applied. Thank you all again.
Ah, yes, there was this test where you were supposed to make out animals displayed against a certain background. Not sure, if that's the same as Isahura exam though.

The law requires to 'Reconocer permanentemente los colores rojo, verde y amarillo', whatever 'permanentemente' means in this context. ... orma=10426

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