Staying too long outside Chile with Chilean car

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Staying too long outside Chile with Chilean car

Post by EsbenBoell » Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:17 pm


We are writing to ask for help and we are hoping some could make some calls to the correct authorities and ask a few questions for us.

In November we bought a car in Santiago and we got it registered in my name with a "tourist RUT"

Since then we have been traveling south through Chile and Argentina and have had no problems going across borders... until now.

We are currently in Argentina just south of Buenos Aires and are planning to visit Brazil and Bolivia and Peru before returning to Chile to sell the car. This will take some time. Probably 4 or 5 months.

Our car is registered in Chile in my name. Our Deceleration Jurada expires on June 20th 2018 (6 months from December 20th 2017)

When we left Chile at the border going north from Ushuaia the 19th of March the Aduana entered a expiration date on our Argentina/Chile temporary import paper(TIP) for May 18th. Our understanding is, that in order the renew our Declaracion Jurada we need to be back in Chile before that date on the TIP. Also, the aduana gave us an expiration date 30 days before our Declaracion Jurada expires (FETCHA VCTO).

It boils down to

Do we need to be back in Chile before the expiration of the declaration Jurada or/and the TIP?

1) If we return to Chile from another country (Bolivia, Peru) at a later date (after the declaration Jurada is expired) what is the penalty?

2) If we do have to get back before, does anyone know, which date is most important. The expiration date on the TIP (March 18th) or the declaration Jurada date June 20th?

3) And what will happen if we overstay any of these dates?

We should have tried to get a new declaration Jurada just before exiting Chile the last time but just did not think about it.

So now we are wondering if we have to make a huge detour back to Chile to get a new declaration Jurada so the paperwork is in order for the rest of the trip OR we should just take the chance and stay out of Chile until we are ready to go back and sell the car and then pay whatever fine we get when returning.

Best regards Camilla and Esben

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Re: Staying too long outside Chile with Chilean car

Post by ny_andino » Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:18 pm

Hello Camilla/Esben,
just sent you a private message to your inbox.
It should clear things up for you.

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