Bringing kitty to Chile from United States

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Bringing kitty to Chile from United States

Post by thesarlew » Fri Dec 15, 2017 3:17 pm

Hello, all!

First of all, I´d like to say I already searched the forum and I found this thread viewtopic.php?t=4052 but all other threads led me to "No route found for "GET /"" So any additional help and/or links to other threads are appreciated! The main questions are in bold in case you don´t want to read everything :wink:

Anyway, I have been living in La Serena, Chile for the past year and a half and am visiting the States in February of next year. I´d like to finally bring over my kitty! I´m going to ask my parents to take care of some vaccinations and the forms before I arrive, and others I´ll complete when I´m there.

I´ve been searching a LOT. Here´s what I´ve found so far:

-I need a veterinary health certificate ( ... og-cat.pdf) completed by a USDA accredited vet. From my understanding, this certificate needs to be in both English and Spanish. Question: Does this need to be an official translation? If not, I could easily do it myself...
-On the USDA APHIS page ( ... edited-vet), it says to contact my local NVAP coordinator to ask for a list of accredited vets. I contacted her and she told me that for legal reasons she couldn´t send me a list, but if I sent her one she could say whether they are approved or not. Am in the process of looking for a vet and sending her a list.
-I am traveling with LATAM. They have an information page: ... with-pets/ and a tips page: ... _cabin.pdf.
-Finally, the list of treatments and vaccines (this is all listed on the health certificate): rabies vaccine between 30 days and 12 months before departure, treatment against endo- and ectoparasites no more than 30 days before departure, vet examination no more than 10 days before departure to be found free of diseases or parasites. LATAM also requires: International veterinary Certificate (IVC), vaccination card, serology report, and certificate of vaccination against worms or parasites. Question: Does anyone know if I need to bring a separate copy of everything required by LATAM, if that makes sense? Or does the health certificate encompass everything? Does anyone have experience flying with LATAM? Almost seems like LATAM requires more documents than the Chilean government, so I´m kind of confused.

Is there anything else I should know or prepare? Anyone have personal experiences? Also, any tips on traveling from Santiago to La Serena with kitty?

Thanks a ton! Sorry for the long post :D

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Re: Bringing kitty to Chile from United States

Post by nopatria » Wed Oct 31, 2018 12:25 pm

hmm did you ever find answer to these questions? I too am interested in this process

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Re: Bringing kitty to Chile from United States

Post by Parkside » Fri Jun 14, 2019 3:10 am

We're looking at bring two small dogs and a cat to Chile from the US (CA). 3 of us will be flying United and putting the fur babies in soft carriers under the seat. We're going to start looking for a USDA approved vet here, but my real question is the forms. Do the forms used by the USDA approved vet include a Spanish translation? Or do we need to bring in the Spanish version of the forms ourselves? What was your experience with your kitty?

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Re: Bringing kitty to Chile from United States

Post by ghibli » Fri Jun 14, 2019 12:12 pm

It's been a few years, so there may be changes, but I brought my kitties here. The airline was Delta which allows one pet per person in a soft pack which goes under the seat. My kitties were in North Carolina. The state agriculture department had the forms which my vet filled in. My vet had the authority to sign. We had all vaccinations up to date and de-worming/de-fleaing within ten days. The forms were in english only and that was not a problem, but you should check. I don't know why Latam wants so much documentation. I would not fly with them. The state health forms came with five copies so I had a couple. Also, my vet gave me her health certificate with the labels from the various meds attached, which is what vets in chile do.

Other details: I made a sort of passport for each cat with a photo, name of cat, rabies vaccination number and chip number. I brought food with me, which you may not be able to do now. The cats did not eat, but they did drink which is important. If you do bring food, for example in your checked luggage, you must declare it to chile customs. They may confiscate it anyway, but if you declare it they may allow you to keep it.

The most anxiety provoking moments were going through us security. The pets must come out of their carriers, which are x-rayed. I was afraid they would try to escape, but they were too frightened to move. chile customs people were actually very nice. As for the trip to La Serena, if you
have the funds, why not rent a car at the airport and drive?

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