ISAPRE payments for independent workers

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ISAPRE payments for independent workers

Post by tiagoabner » Thu Aug 06, 2020 10:19 am

Hi, fellow forumites.

I've started to work as an independent worker recently and I have been paying both my AFP, Isapre, and accident insurance through Previred, and my 10.75% "retenciones" through SII. However, while doing some research on what the 10.75% is meant to cover, it seems that there is some overlap and it was also meant to cover my Isapre.

So, these are my questions for you all:
  1. Is this how it's meant to work for independent workers? I'm in a stable financial situation and I'm able to make these payments, I'm just wondering if I'm not missing something here.
  2. Will I be able to get the funds back on next year's tax refund?
  3. Are there any resources that you would recommend to get more information on this kind of stuff? SII has been somewhat useful, but there is no centralized article on "trabajadores Independientes", as far as I could see. Going to an SII office to talk to their support team isn't an option due to the pandemic.
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Re: ISAPRE payments for independent workers

Post by Jamers41 » Sat Aug 08, 2020 7:06 pm

I am in the same boat so I would like to understand exactly what my payments to the SII count for as well.

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