Temporary Residency, New Procedures for Leaving the country

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Re: Temporary Residency, New Procedures for Leaving the country

Post by admin » Sat Nov 23, 2019 10:27 am

I need to caution everyone here to be very careful about trying any beucratic tricks to "jump the line".

If you are drawing attention to your aplications, outside the normal slow channels, it can be a double edge sword.

In the infinite wisdom, and metaphysical beurocracy at the department of immigration, one of the under payed, over worked, and under trained beucrats might just reject your application as easily as they approve it, just to get rid of the problem.

For example, say you filed your application yourself. you made some mistakes. under normal channels, as it goes through the process, it might have never been noticed as they rubber stamp your aplication along with a big fat stack of other aplications. But, if you have drawn attention to your file, and there is an error, someone might be just as happy with rejecting it, simply because it is quicker and easier, and now they found an excuse. you may never even know why.

remeber, You only have one aplications as a sample to work with, if they reject it. we do sufficient volume and diverse types of immigration aplications, that are both approved and rejected, plus handling appeals special cases, etc, that we are able to by a process of elimination, some trial and error, or differentiation, figure out why they rejected a particular aplication or group of aplications. we are also constantly talking to our contacts at the department of immigration, to see what way the winds are blowing inside the department. so, you may never know why you were rejected or approved.

be careful.
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Re: Temporary Residency, New Procedures for Leaving the country

Post by Spudzilla » Sat Nov 23, 2019 7:00 pm

My permanent residency application was finally accepted into the system. Two hundred twenty nine days elapsed.

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