Offer- Old wood stoves can burn clean and efficient

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Offer- Old wood stoves can burn clean and efficient

Post by Stanyel » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:52 pm

Anyone with interest in purchasing a device which I'm making and selling here in Chile which dramatically improves wood stove emissions and efficiency (greater heat) can contact me for the details. I have test results from a certified Chilean lab and a letter of support from the Ministry of the Environment to back up my claims. (as well as several videos and information from the International Wood Stove Challenge in Washington DC from a few years ago)

I'd need information specific to your stove in order to give an accurate price. The introductory price starts at $195.000 and goes up depending upon size and options you'd like in addition to the basic system. The basic device is stainless steel and high heat ceramic (unless you chose ceramic-less option). If possible I will perform the installation myself at no additional charges but perhaps transportation, otherwise I will provide detailed installation instructions. Price is negotiable if purchase made of two or more devices for the same location or community.

You may be saying to yourself that's a lot of money but consider if you live where pressures are being applied to eliminate wood stoves and there are many days when you are prohibited and risk a fine for showing smoke from your stove. Updating the stove you already own saves money in several ways but especially in long-term fuel costs.

I am especially interested in introducing this system to municipalities in the southern regions where air quality deteriorates in the winter months where wood is abundant and a renewable resource. I have met with a Diputado from Region Aisen who committed to helping put together a pilot program in Coyhaique but hasn't followed through. So anyone reading this, who refers me to individuals, groups or community leaders that open the door to get it started will receive a free stove makeover with this device. Oh, it's called intensoFuego.

Additionally, I have teamed up with a Canadian company who has made an advanced thermoelectric generator which attaches to the stove pipe above the stove and produces electricity and heats water efficiently from otherwise partially lost heat (obviously some is radiated into the room). intensoFuego is an ideal companion to this technology considering the principles of combustion technology it uses which maximizes the generator.

So contact me if interested...I'll send a link to videos, test results, letters of support, and my website address (not sure if permissible here)
Actual PM test filters before and after intensoFuego installation
CESMEC_filtros.png (103.93 KiB) Viewed 2379 times
Snapshot 4 (30-04-2017 8-37).png
A sample of stoves that have been successfully adapted with intensoFuego
Snapshot 4 (30-04-2017 8-37).png (86.86 KiB) Viewed 2379 times
TECTEG thermoelectric generator-iTOWER2

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Re: Offer- Old wood stoves can burn clean and efficient

Post by admin » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:02 pm

Ok, so how does it deal with wet wood (above 30% humidity)?

Because that is the real ( big ) problem of wood stoves in chile is the use of wet wood.

Water still consumes the amount of energy it requires to vaporize, and causes increased contamination.
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Re: Offer- Old wood stoves can burn clean and efficient

Post by mem » Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:40 pm

Stanyel- You are the man. 195K is spensive? Are you kidding? I'm looking at dropping a million a pesos to put in an amesti insert into a stone fireplace in an otherwise decent house.

Can you do fireplace inserts? I wish I had more options than Amesti and Bosca. The only other options I've found are boutique foundrys that cast their own iron stoves and then Xeoos which are crazy spensive and still not enough of heavy hitters to heat a 200m2+ place. They want you to install two in different zones at their outrageous prices

Tell me more Stanyel...I'm about to call Amesti to install one of these badboys: ... ladio.html

, but I have to say you have great timing! I'm in the pucon/villarrica area so region 9 and my landlord is the owner of one of the most famous construction companies down here (he's not chilean, but been here since the 70's) where we have plenty of refined gringo's trying to recapture their US lifestyle LOL. So this can be your big break : )

Seriously, PM me or reply to this thread. I'm looking to pull the trigger on this ASAP.

Wet wood...yes. That is important. Trying to burn wet wood in a classic fireplace is a respiratory nightmare, plus the fireplace is an abomination of efficiency.

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