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go play outside

Post by go play outside » Mon Dec 31, 2007 9:52 am

Re storklady: I met a chilean midwife here the other day who was really interesting; said she is really battling the system to encourage more natural birth etc. Is very medical here, highest rate of cesareans in the world etc - that like everything else here it is changing though. She was one of the only such advocates in Sthn Chile. You would have your work cut out and need to approach it correctly - not aggressively righteous ;-)but I would say good skills to bring!

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re:go play outside...

Post by STORKLADY53 » Mon Dec 31, 2007 12:10 pm

Don't plan to be militant. Been a midwife for 25 yrs. and have mellowed alot. But would love to help women who want a natural birth, and perhaps have some impact on birth practices in Chile. Both my husband and his brother are doctors, so have a bit of an inside edge so to speak. My hubby is very supportive of me pursuing this...if I so desire.
I had read many times that Brazil had the highest c/s rate in the world at around 90%. Do you think Chile has surpassed them? Frightening. Any c/s rate above 10% is an epidemic. The UK keeps a tight rein on those stats and if their rate rises above 10%...they send out alerts to midwives/doctors to ge the rate down below that level!!

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CS in Chile

Post by Laura55llc » Mon Dec 31, 2007 1:38 pm

I read that CS rates are high in Chile(40% not 90%) and the US rate is 29% (according to the CDC) which isn't great either. But Brazil was under 40% according to that article. It's interesting to me because when I had my son, CSs were rare. ... id=1626461

Chileans love their children and their mothers above all I think and I believe there are many women that would opt for a more natural birth if they understood the CS risks.

Here's something else that relates it to insurance: This paper examines cesarean birth trends in Chile with reference to changing patterns in health care financing.

Methods: The growth in the national cesarean birth rate is analyzed, with reference to regional patterns, differences according to insurance coverage, and recent shifts in the financing pattern of health care provision, using insurance fund data and hospital reporting systems data for both public and private sector care from the mid-1980s to mid-1990s.

Results: Chile had a cesarean birth rate of 37.2 percent for the 301,955 births covered by either the National Health Fund or private health insurance in 1994. This was a one-third increase from the 1986 rate of 27.7 percent. The private health insurance sector revealed consistently far higher cesarean section rates than the National Health Fund sector (59% vs 28.8% in 1994); intrasectoral rates remained fairly stable over the 8-year period.

Conclusions: The overall increase in Chile's cesarean section rate correlates with the growth in the proportion of all births whose care was privately insured during these years (from 7.5% to 24.8%). This change may be partly explained by the doubling (to 32%) of the percentage of women with a personal obstetrician rather than a "duty" practitioner attending the birth of their baby.
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Post by Louisa » Tue Jan 01, 2008 2:02 am

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum too. I'm from Sydney, and in 7 weeks moving to Temuco for a year at least (chilean boyfriend)..
I have a working holiday visa and hoping to get any kind of work really, but I'm a nurse here so interesting to read about health care in chile and storkladys plans to open a natural birth clinic. I really hadn't thought about nursing in Chile, but how difficult would it be to get nursing registration in Chile?
This is a great forum... thanks to all who are so generous with helpful information :-)

go play outside

Post by go play outside » Tue Jan 01, 2008 4:48 pm

Re Laura: that private study seems to be the same I read. Think it's part of a consumer trend as well - a scheduling thing. Also I have heard that epidurals are much more common than not. Which suggests a rote way of doing things rather than case by case. And that maternity rooms are often linked to or in the ICU. Also that if the pregnancy hits 40 weeks then they will do a CS as matter of course.

So back to you storklady; any progress (back) to more holistic or individual support sounds like a good thing to me! I think that the professionals concerned are very professional and good at what they do but different perspectives are always good.

(Note all this is largely anecdotal so there are of course going to be inaccuracies but it's interesting nonetheless.)

Also interesting to note that according to my conversation the partner of the woman is normally not allowed to attend the birth. Ie, prohibited by hospital policy. The reason given was that two men in the room - the Dr and the husband - doesn't work because there is a power struggle. (!) I hope this was my misunderstanding of her spanish though!

Re nursing registration - no idea - try searching extranjero websites? But I would suggest your spanish would need to be good and that pay wouldn't be too hot...

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Re: New here!

Post by STORKLADY53 » Mon Apr 14, 2008 5:21 pm

Just now getting back to this forum and see a few replies that I had not read. As to the c/s rate in Chile. I have done extensive research. Both my husband and brother-in-law are doctors trained in Chile. The present c/s rate is indeed 70% or higher. Much of it driven by women pushing for c/s on demand. The same is true for Brazil where the c/s rate has been around 90%...yes 90% for some time. Again...the women are pushing for this. They want to schedule their births...AND they do not want to stretch out their you know what's. I am serious. You are undoubtedly right tho...the rates are ALWAYS higher among the private pay patients...that is a fact of life.

And to the person who asked if I still plan to have a birth clinic? Yes indeed. My hubby is a pediatrician and we will run the clinic together and do births together. At least that is our plan. Wish us luck.


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Re: New here!

Post by Ignite » Sat May 10, 2008 1:20 am

I'm passing out :oops: sorry I don't think i could handle it

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