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Re: State of emergency and curfews, October 2019

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 9:37 am
by mem
Seems the purpose of the Sunday night speech was to publicly state that the police are not above the law and will be investigated. It will help to take some of the underdog angst wind from the sails of the protest movement.

It looks to me like maybe he is laying the groundwork with these seemingly nothing taco speeches for keeping harder line options open depending on if further escalation of violence occurs while being able to point back to milquetoast empathetic speech after speech

Again look at France. Almost identical protest movement, looting, burning, etc. Similar causes about inequality, pensions, etc. Similar responses from French leaders as Pinera...concessions are given that the protesters then say "are not enough" and now that you gave us that...we want even more, and then ok forget everything we said, now we want "a whole new system"

Even HK protests, while different in causes the protest behaviour (burning, looting) and government responses have been similar.
I fully expect Chiles response to continue to mirror the French and HK situations, but on a rolling window to reflect the more recent genesis of Chile protests versus the longer running French/HK protests

Look at how patient and seemingly impotent French and even mainland Chinese have been with the same criminal behaviour coming out of their protests.
It was only when HK college students started using not slingshots but actual car sized makeshift catapults with petrol bombs and bow and arrows at the police. Only now after all this time are the mainland chinese soldiers taking action against them

Re: State of emergency and curfews, October 2019

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:06 am
by admin
Morning forum.

O.k., this thread has had a good run, but 215+ pages, and first month of this crisis, time to break this down in to more bite size and digestible chunks.

I have moved this thread to the new "crisis forum", and I am going to lock this thread. We will keep it around for historical reference, but I am going to start a new one on the general crisis, plus start dealing with all the specific aspects of this in various topic dedicate threads. For example, the constitution, the economy, etc, etc. Something that is a bit easier to read.

Besides. Who knows. Perhaps we get lucky. I might jinx this crisis and bring it to an abrupt end, simply by trying to start a new sub forum dedicated to it. :lol: :shock: :alien: