Is it illegal to out bad nanas?

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Is it illegal to out bad nanas?

Post by momof3 » Fri Nov 30, 2012 2:41 pm

Every now and then on the FB group English speaking something something Santiago a disgruntled post appears about a nana. Most of the times the name of the nana is what is published along with a narrative explaining why she should not be hired by the others in the group. One even published the nana's RUT card. I did not think much of it as there are entire websites in the USA dedicated to such gripes.
Today I met with some lovely Chilenas and they had some serious horror stories to share about their nanas that did not compare to anything I have seen bemoaned on the FB group page. Two examples: One mother found blood in her children's stool, had the pediatrician check it out and found out that it was no coincidence that her kids were asleep when she left and asleep when she returned. The nana had been drugging them with sleeping medication. In the second case...deep breath... sit down for this one... the children complained of the "game" they had to play. It involved caressing the nana's genitalia. What killed me was the response: fire the nana, the end.
The nana who "played" with those kids simply got another job a few houses down. The mother tried to warn them and the parents did not believe her.
I told them they needed to report this. I mentioned how the ladies of the FB group handled "bad" nanas and they said no, it was illegal. They said there was no way to do anything about it other than fire them.

Can you imagine watching that nana go to work down the block knowing...?
We agree to disagree.

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Re: Is it illegal to out bad nanas?

Post by Donnybrook » Fri Nov 30, 2012 2:56 pm

What a horrible situation. I imagine the mother did not want to put the kids through the sort of investigation these cases demand. It piles one traumatic situation on top of another. On the other hand, those kids should get some sort of guidance on dealing with what happened or it will rise up in later life to bite them. Glad it isn't my choice.

Not sure about the legality of publishing a nana's name on a FB page. I guess that if it is a group the public can read, rather than just the group, it might be illegal. Don't really know.

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Re: Is it illegal to out bad nanas?

Post by jehturner » Sat Dec 01, 2012 12:45 pm

Hard to be sure without pulling up all the relevant laws, as a certain former poster was good at. Seems like there are several that could be relevant (eg. libel, employment, criminal justice) and you'd probably have to look at them all to be sure. Publishing someone's carnet is stupid though. There must be some kind of social care or employment authority with an interest in this type of problem and pursuing it through them would be a responsible option, even if the police aren't involved ... otherwise the same thing is going to happen to some Chilean family that can't read your Web site. If they won't do anything then it's out of your friends' hands but at least they've been warned.

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Re: Is it illegal to out bad nanas?

Post by Vicki and Greg Lansen » Thu May 02, 2013 10:57 pm

Both examples rise to the level of criminal behavior, in my opinion. A certain religion handles criminal activities and that has worked out very well for them. I was just thinking about how I would feel had someone known and not said a thing.

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