Passport as ID in contracts

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Passport as ID in contracts

Post by nwdiver » Mon Aug 08, 2011 3:26 pm

Ok here is a question I have asked my legal beagles in Chile and they have no answer, just wink wink nudge nudge. I`m not looking for legal advice just what have others done in this situation. I enter into a contract with my passport as my ID document, the deal closes all happy. Every 5 years I get a new passport with a new number (we poor Canadians, they have talked about 10 year passports for 30 years). I have many contracts and deeds in my name with my passport as ID document that predate my present 2-3 passports. I have been moving these things into a company I have, with the help of a friendly Notary.
Do you have anything hanging out there that you used your passport as ID and have now changed passports and have a new number which may cause you a headache down the line?

I am not a resident of Chile so don`t have a RUT and a temp one is just that temp.
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Re: Passport as ID in contracts

Post by admin » Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:50 pm

We have to amend contracts all the time, because you Canadians are a bunch of trouble makers. There are other situations also, and it is similar with contracts under the temp RUT. Typically it is only an issue when it is an issue. For example, you buy a car or house, using a passport ID that has changed. You have to file a correction to the title, but typically only when it comes time to sell or something like that.

Private contracts, I would not worry too much about. If someone sues you, you get to claim they have to prove it is you (not hard, but might confuse the hell out of the other side for a while trying to figure it out). Really it is about identifying information, and rarely is the passport the only identifying information involved in a Chilean contract.
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