hockey netting needed

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hockey netting needed

Post by hlf2888 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:50 pm

Hola :)

I need hockey netting, but here in Chile. Hockey netting is perfect for making slow feeding hay bags for the horses at the sanctuary. It has one inch squares and is very strong, 6 mm. I cannot afford to buy it in Canada and ship it here.Cannot afford to buy the ready made slow feeder bags. I have googled netting (red) but there are so many reds... and most of them are for pescados. Not strong enough.

Can anyone help me find some hockey netting in Chile, in bulk. Do not need the stand, just the netting. 1 inch square holes, about 6 feet by 40 feet? First one to get me to a site that sells affordable, bulk hockey netting in Chile will get a free weekend at the sanctuary and get to meet all the animals including the 7 horses. You will also make 7 horses very happy.

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