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Re: Post your Pet Photos

Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 11:30 pm
by audeo13
admin wrote: I am fairly sure none of my male cats have ever been real hunters, so it is the females that do the hunting.
Well I suppose that makes sense in light of their distant relatives from the wild kingdom. For all intents and purposes, the domestic cat does shares alot of the same instincts as the Lion and those lazy beasts let their women folk doing the hunting for them :lol:

Anyhow, I've just come across this thread and shall contribute some pictures of my wee ones, Voodoo and Deja vu. I got Voodoo (the black one) first. He was rescued from a hoarder in Indiana who had 57 dogs, all kept crated or chained. He was around 4 yrs old then and severely damaged. Enough so, that even the first couple vets that saw him wanted to write him off. Not because he was violent, but because he was terrified of absolutely everything and they didn't expect him to get better. Anyhow, thank God I'm stubborn :D He's around 9 yrs old now and the biggest sweetheart ever. When I first got him, meeting new people left him traumatized. Nowadays, he seems to think that if someone is walking on the same road as him, obviously they MUST want to pet him. He just walks right up to them and gives them his "But look at me. Look at how cute I am. You have to pet me now." People rarely say no.

The white one is Deja vu. I used to volunteer for the Anti-cruelty organization in Chicago and was working a pet adoption event where she was one of the dogs up for adoption. She was maybe 7 months old at the time (she's around 3 yrs now). They found her wandering Chicago's southside, so covered in her own filth no one at the shelter realized she was pure white until she'd had a couple baths. Anyhow, when I saw her the first thing that popped into my head was "I have you in Black!" She seemed like the Ying to Voodoo's Yang and she really is. She's light where he's dark, she's nuts where he's laid back. They balance each other out.

Re: Post your Pet Photos

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2010 12:18 am
by audeo13
And here are some pics of two little puppies we rescued recently. I've managed to find a home for Stella, but little Georgia is still with us and looking for a forever home still. That reminds me, I should actually put up a post for her in the Lobby, but this is her story either way:

I found these two little girls a couple days apart in my neighborhood. They like to dump dogs around here. People suck. Although technically only the floppy eared one was dumped. The other one, Georgia (who's still available, hint, hint) was born on the street. I have a feeling she was the runt of the litter, but either way, she's adorable and healthy now. And available :D

We got them both vaccinated and have made arrangements to have both of them spayed once they're old enough.

Re: Post your Pet Photos

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2010 9:05 am
by greg~judy
This is Charlie...
He lived with me in another place.
He protected my house against burglars and rats.
But he didn't like to cuddle.
Have you seen the movie "Snakes on a Plane"?
Well, they won't let you do that.
Charlie had to stay.
But... if Charlie had come to Chile, he would have loved to meet thingit's ducklings
BTW... I'm looking for a new pet...
But I have yet to see a snake in Chile...
Where are they all hiding?
Must I go to the Atacama desert to find a nice viper?
Please advise.

Re: Post your Pet Photos

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2010 9:26 am
by greg~judy
This is Jaws...
A very playful beetle friend...
Very good with children - as long as they watched their fingers
Jaws had to stay behind too...
I might have put him in my pocket when I flew away...
But I think he is happier in his old garden, with new owners
Why do I have so many problems taking my pets with me?
Where can I find this kind of pet in Chile?
I'd accept any Chilean beetle, but I do like them BIG.

Re: Post your Pet Photos

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:31 pm
by RuneTheChookcha
greg~judy wrote:Where can I find this kind of pet in Chile?
I have a fast one:
and a nice one:
Are these good?.. :alien:

Re: Post your Pet Photos

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 12:06 pm
by greg~judy
mickey 1sm~allchile.jpg
This is Mickey (Mantis)...
She was such a fine pet
So friendly, so alert, so gentle
A good appetite, she liked to eat
But she also ate her mate...
(not for children - PG13)
I have had pets like this in many places
Can I get one of these in Chile?
Which region should I search?

Re: Post your Pet Photos

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 12:19 pm
by greg~judy
This is Cecil...
he lived in my house...
but he wasn't really my "pet"
(even though I fed him)
look... he is table-trained
he can eat from my spoon
I'm not sure I want another "pet" like this
Cecil could be very fast and very nasty
definitely NOT for children!
Are these in Chile?
maybe I won't go to that place?

Re: Post your Pet Photos

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 10:07 pm
by greg~judy
There have been no responses lately...
Other than Rune ~ my thanx
but get closer
and focus your camera
nice to see the spider's 8 eyes

Do all allchileans think I'm kidding?
What is a "pet'
Do not constrain yourselves to the usual
dogs...cats... birds... fish...
Animal friends exist in all forms
Respect them all,
Enjoy them all,
(sometimes, though... be careful
they might bite, or scratch)

If they live in your house...
feed them and coexist
Why will no one answer my questions...
where can I find the pets I seek in Chile?

BTW... a disclosure...
in a former life I was a zoologist
and biology teacher...
this may explain my unusual pets
but still, allchileans...
can we ALL respect life
in all its forms?

Re: Post your Pet Photos

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:44 pm
by RuneTheChookcha
greg~judy wrote:Do all allchileans think I'm kidding?
Ja-ja-jaaa!.. :lol:

lone cloud hanging
just above the volcano
its shadow still, quiet..

Do all allchileans think I'm kidding?.. :alien:
greg~judy wrote:but get closer
and focus your camera
nice to see the spider's 8 eyes
has no camera..
Rune has an old cell phone
sorry 'bout that..

8 eyes!.. 8 eyes!.. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.. :)

Re: Post your Pet Photos

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:41 pm
by greg~judy
8 eyes~allchile.jpg
8 legs...8 eyes...
all arachnids...
THIS is focused

find me one like this, Rune
I will be thankful
I will feed it and call it "friend"

BTW... Sid, the arachnid above
also lived in my house
She was my friend

she was gentle...
never bit...
hid in corners, hunted on walls

Re: Post your Pet Photos

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:50 pm
by greg~judy
have I/we now scared all allchileans
from posting puppies, kitties, ducklings?

I can also post...
cows, goats
chickens, vultures...

sharks, turtles, lobos
pelicans, boobies (yes!)
lizards, frogs...

sometimes pets...
sometimes not?
but ALL are my friends

Re: Post your Pet Photos

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 10:29 pm
by greg~judy
Ok...OK... one more
If you insist...?
This was also my friend, Rhino.

He wasn't really my pet
just a casual visitor around home
very friendly, though

I couldn't feed him...?
I hope he wasn't too hungry
but lots of fun to play with!

again, I ask allchileans
where can I find such friends in Chile
I do like BIG bugs