Caught a fox (zorro) in Southern Chile

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Re: Caught a fox (zorro) in Southern Chile

Post by David_Bro » Sun Mar 01, 2015 4:15 pm

We have foxes around our place-----I was on a walk in the orchard and one of the cats was in the process of moving her litter from one barn to the bodega at the house---so I am walking and thinking and the cat sees me through the grass and stops, putting down her kitten, the cat is distracted by something but not by me---the cat, now maybe 5 or 6 meters from her kitten turns away and this little fox jumps out of the weeds, grabs the kitten and is off----the cat freaks out looking for the kitten, calling to it but the fox is long gone and smacking his lips over his fast lunch----

We have chickens and turkeys in a large coop with a big yard for them---the foxes come about once every 3 weeks or so----one comes in close on one side and cries out so the dogs go out after it----as the one fox takes the dogs away into the forest---the other fox is in the coop and long gone with a chicken before the dogs get back----they do this every time and make off with one of our chickens-----oh well, to me it's like paying the rent on the foxes service for killing and hunting all the rats, mice and rabbits we have, so I am never too upset about it-----everybody has to wet their beak----the Pueco comes in for his rent too, about once a month-----


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Re: Caught a fox (zorro) in Southern Chile

Post by Britkid » Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:16 pm

I may have posted this before, can't remember, but.
I saw a fox in June. Photo here:
It was on Cerro Pachoco, near the top, and 2-3 hours earlier, I had been driving along the Costanera Norte.

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Re: Caught a fox (zorro) in Southern Chile

Post by marti » Wed Mar 04, 2015 10:38 am

guardaganados is gone
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