Santuario Cielos Azules

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Santuario Cielos Azules

Post by hlf2888 » Sat Apr 24, 2021 2:04 pm

Hola Fellow Humans.

I chose Chile as my adopted country because of the kind-heartedness of the people. Also, I saw a statue of a perro callejero in the central plaza of a small city and realized what a radical act that was. There, with the generals and emperors was a lowly street dog. In all my travels I had never seen an homage to a street dog.

Most Chilean street dogs have several humans but many of these humans only have room in their heart. Their homes are too small or laws forbid pets. They do what they can, leaving food and water for these homeless dogs and hoping they survive another day. If you have ever seen a parade or demonstration in Chile, you have seen the four-legged participants. I knew a street dog who would lead every parade and pose in every group photograph. He was loved by many.

I started the Santuario Cielos Azules in 2012 in Central Chile. The rescues include 10 horses, 8 dogs (six former street dogs) and six cats. They all live together in harmony. I have promised these animals to look after them for their lives but I absolutely cannot accept more. As it is I have to beg money through crowd-sourcing and that is demoralizing. All the individual rescue stories are on the crowd-sourcing site which I will share by PM. I receive no help from governments or companies, there is no advertising team or board of directors, and I am not rich; just foolish with a passion for making a difference. While the number of animals has increased (all are finally operated), my pension has not increased and my savings have dwindled. Okay, enough of the sob story, we all have our crosses to bear.

Here is Ruberto, who thinks if he stares at his human long enough she will open the gate and let him eat the irises.
Ruberto and the iris.jpg
I rent the main house when I am not there to nature lovers to help cover the costs of the onsite caretaker, animal care and food. So if you would like to experience life on an animal sanctuary, it is a gorgeous setting on 64 acres with exceptional sunrises and sunsets, sublime tranquility, privacy, meandering river, pine groves, wildflower meadows, eucalyptus forest, organic orchards, olive groves, privacy, clean air and onsite caretakers. Here is the link for the rental. ... 1&adults=1

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