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ExpoNativa in Pucon 29 Jan - 7 Feb

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 2:15 pm
by go play outside
Last year we were really impressed with this event - it was really professional and great to see some of the varied things going on in the area. This year have decided to get involved. Anyone with an interest in local environment/culture should try and get down/up here for a visit!

Details here:

Pucón is host to Chile’s largest exposition on native forest, sustainability, native culture, and renewable energy at the end of this month.

A celebration of Chile’s natural environment and culture, the second ExpoNativa is on from 29th January to 7th February alongside the Gran Hotel on the shore of Lake Villarrica.

The site is currently being transformed from a wasteland to a window on Southern Chile's forests, complete with a glacier feeding a stream which meanders through the site.

Expositors come from the world of art, technology and business, and the calendar of activities includes music shows, poetry, theatre, dance, cinema, expositions by local artisans, photography and displays of technology and energy.

A striking feature of this event is the use of renewable energy sources. A wind turbine will tower over the site, which adds its generating capacity to solar PV panels. This system is capable of generating more than 20% of the energy needs of the expo.

The aim of the event is to stimulate people’s awareness of conservation issues by bringing together disparate groups that each contribute to the value – both economic and environmental – of Chile’s native forest and its ecosystems. The emphasis for 2010's show is on water and confronting the impact of climate change and its consequences for the region and the country, while celebrating the forest and all that it supports.

More information in Spanish is on For more information in English please contact Terri Anderson,