Returning to Chile after 4 Months Away

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Returning to Chile after 4 Months Away

Post by cali_chile48 » Sun May 17, 2020 6:18 pm

Hello All...I trust you are staying safe and staying aware.

I am planning my return to Chile. I came back to the US to care for a dear friend who was very ill, before Rona got mad. My duties here are largely completed, and I am expecting to return to Chile around June 10.

I have a couple of questions about travelling and shipping, so if anyone out there has experience or knowledge that they could share, I'd appreciate it:

1) I will be bringing back more stuff than I was expecting and I 'm not sure about how to ship it. I am talking about two plastic crates that are just barely over the guidelines on LATAM and Copa Airlines, ei, length +width+ height cannot by more than 62 inches. The dimensions on my crates are 63 3/4 inches. Is LATAM likely to be very picky about this?

2) Will I be allowed to fly in to Santiago from California and then fly immediately to Concepcion? I think the answer is "yes", but I am seeking confirmation.

Many thanks

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