Chilean Media Links

All things related to Moving to Chile, tips, tricks, FAQS. Here is where to exchange information between those that have already moved and those planning to move to Chile so you do not need to learn the hard way. Please also check Living in Chile forum for related information.
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Chilean Media Links

Post by chilly » Wed Nov 06, 2019 2:25 am

Hopefully this can start a list of various "Media" available to those outside of Chile, in order to learn more about Chile. As others contribute sites, an updated list can be reposted.

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Re: Chilean Media Links

Post by chilly » Wed Nov 06, 2019 2:36 am

Due to a 6 link limit per post, the hyperlinks are text. You must copy the portion between the parenthesis and paste into your browser address bar.

Newspapers & News Sites

To get a current issue, bookmark the generic web site address rather than
a redirected address, which often points to a specific issue date

El Austral (Santiago) (
BioBio (
Cambio21 (Santiago) (
Ciper (commentary): (
Cooperativa (
CNN in Chile (
El Dia (La Serena) (
Diaria Austral (Los Rios) (
Diario Financiero (Santiago, Some pay areas) (
El Divisadero (Coihaique) [unsecure]
La Estrella (Concepción) (
Expreso de la Costa (Cardenal) (
El Llanquihue (Los Lagos region and Puerto Montt) ( ) **added**
El Mercurio (Santiago) (
El Mercurio de Valparaiso (
El Mostrador (Santiago) (
La Nacion (
El Naveghable (Valdivia/Los Rios) (
La Prensa Austral (Punta Arenas) (
La Prensa Curico (Curico) (
El Rancaguino (Rancagua) (
Santiago Times (in English) (
La Segunda (subscription site): (
El Sur (Concepción) (
La Tercera (Santiago)(
El Tipografo (Rancagua) (
Sources:, wikipedia and others

Discontinued sites: Tiempos del Mundo (Santiago)(;;

Media information sites
Headlinespot (world headlines): (
Wikipedia (Newspapers) (
Wikipedia (TV) (

Web Site Streaming Radio:
Bio Bio radio (
Eight stations which may be the same late at night but are different during prime time:
Santiago, Valparaiso, Concepcion, Los Angeles, Temuco, Osorno, Valdivia, Puerto Montt

CNN Chile Radio:
Radio Cooperativa:
Bio Bio Radio from app:
On iphone, I use a "Simple Radio" app that streams BioBio Radio from Concepcion, BioBio Radio from Provincia and Radio Cooperativa while the iphone is locked. Iphone streaming normally stops when the phone is locked.

Streaming TV available outside of Chile
Streaming performance may vary

AntofagastaTV (
BioBioTV (
Emol TV (
*Emol TV allows video to be saved in MP4 format by right-clicking over the video. Then, you can save it on your device and watch at a later time, like on the airplane coming over to Chile.
El Divisadero (Coiquique) ( [not secure]
T13 ( It works well on an iphone but not on my desktop. Scroll down on the main page to the video area.

Multiple Chilean TV station sites:
WWITV/Chile ( has a few TV stations and sometimes streams better than the direct site. ( partially works.

Streaming TV available in Chile. "No esta disponible in tu area" outside of Chile

Youtube sites
To help learn Chilean Spanish pronunciation, watching Youtube stations on a Desktop often allows a nice Closed Caption (CC) option. By selecting CC and then using the settings option of Spanish-generated and speed at 0.60 to 0.75, you can read along with the speaker. Not perfect but surprisingly good.

CNN Chile: ( (
Meganoticias (
T13 (

Chilean Slang/Pronunciation sites
Wikipedia ( )
Understanding syllable breaks:
Verbs and their conjugations and their syllable breaks ( )

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Re: Chilean Media Links

Post by admin » Wed Nov 06, 2019 5:21 am

that is actually a pretty useful set of links. I'll play along. here are some my favorites. (regional los lagos region and puerto montt)

each region has its own paper, perhaps others can post other regions. (live radio, with a menu for regional radio stations in the south) (national financial paper, half the articles are pay wall) (national paper) (national)
Spencer Global Chile: Legal, relocation, and Investment assistance in Chile.
For more information visit:

From USA and outside Chile dial 1-917-727-5985 (U.S.), in Chile dial 65 2 42 1024 or by cell 747 97974.

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