Leaving Venezuela

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Re: Leaving Venezuela

Post by admin » Sat Mar 09, 2019 1:02 pm

seems colombia is going to allow venezuelans to enter with expired passports up to two years out of date:

https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/09/colombi ... ports.html

might not solve all the problems, but it is a start.

not sure how immigration works in colombia, but if they can get a colombian residency, they can then enter chile.

here is how i would play this, knowing what i know about the immigration system, HYPOTHETICALLY, if i was in a similar position with family that needed to get out. in fact i have been debating posting this at all for a while.

This is completly unofficial, FREE advice (don'y bug me if it does not work out), but as a practicle / historical / beuracratic matter, once they are in chile, assuming they do not commit any crimes, chances of them being deported is pretty low, to almost zero. make the berocracy work for them. from their they may be able apply for some sort of asylum/ relative of a resident visa status. at the least, they can buy time until venezuela sorts the mess out a bit.

if the visa is rejected, file another appeal. each appeal will take 3 to 6 months, possibly more, to work itself through the system. each appeal, even with little to no grounds, is an opertunity for some lazy, under trained, paper shuffling secretary, that just wants to clear their desk to go home at immigration to stamp an approval. the same ones that drive me nuts, with fully legit gringos with lots of money, that they reject their applications without even readying them, those ones. those are the ones you want.

because, i suspect, and i have ZERO proof, they got some umofficial political marching orders to let Venezuelans slide a bit with the amount of political chips pinera has put down on the situation both domestically and internationally.

persistents and patients is the name of the game, without any other options.

meanwhile they are legaly in the country, as they have aplications pending before immigration. the longer they are in the country, without causing any problems, the harder it becomes politically to deport them. so, they need to behave themselves and do things that contribute to Chile. build a case to keep them around.
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