The Trump Administration

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Re: The Trump Administration

Post by David_Bro » Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:10 pm

I think it's interesting that any political figure before President Clinton would be taken down by any verbal gaffe of whatever much less any real mis-directed and/or illegal action on their part----be it governmental, constitutional or moral activity----to be clear and honest, I think Reagan began the routine when he slipped the noose from around his neck with Iran Contra (no offering an opinion in favor or against his actions, just say'n it) and then President Clinton, from even before he was elected and was beginning his campaign, was found to be in a mess----blame it on the internet where anyone can broadcast globally, right or wrong, what they think or have experienced, and he effectively slipped himself out of the noose, even addressing the nation on big media and getting out of all of it----now its the common path set by nation that is willing to put up with it and it comes from both sides of the aisle-----simply Trump is playing the same game with rules and behavior that has served all US governments since Reagan effectively---its just the new rules to the game and much like poker, the dealer typically calls the game and rules for his hand until he passes it on to his left.

I do find it interesting that Trump broadcasts via Twitter or other means with specific statements and then denies or severely bends what he has said and its bump in the road but he seems to weather it and on he goes----so an amendment now to the rules and behavior of our leaders----Don't think our next President after Trump, whether he goes to a second term or not and if he/she is liberal or conservative, will not take advantage of all that has been put into play by previous governments------Interesting to note, all the French leaders have had mistresses and I think it was Mitterand that was first brought out in the media in this regard---the French were "well of course" -----Hollande suffered the same exposure and the government on----the media brought it to light and government went on with out much to say about it so "se la vie."

I think its also interesting to note that before Nixon was implicated in watergate and the coverup he invited the nations top editors for a meet in Florida, alone, and there were 200 or 400 editors there I think and answered their questions over a 60 to 90 minute discourse----now he was lying in every way about it of course------but imagine any President since then and especially our last three putting themselves up to that type of scrutiny?

Simply, the rules have changed and its just what it is-----the media has a part in this as does the politician but in larger part, its the fault of the voter and citizen that has let this go------votes, except on voting day as they are tallied and its a blue or red state don't really matter except when CBS, NBC, FOX or CNN put them up on their board on election night-----Politicians make themselves scarce and are no longer seen by the public where the voter can get at them and let them now----you can write emails and letters and call but its just nonsense-----Its hard work on the part of the voter to get some time with a political representative and obviously the politician and staff foment this situation.

In the old days the politicians had to show up to ribbon cuttings, memorials, community events and now they don't as much as they can be there virtually via the technology we have----they had to have face time to get the votes and stay in power----not so much now. I am in news and have not covered my representative locally in one event over the last four years after our district was gerrymandered into his district.-----so in my opinion, its the voter that is responsible in this collapse of not getting what we want and deserve-----the politician is simply responding to his/hers best advantage in the habitat and environment we the voters have created.

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Re: The Trump Administration

Post by frozen-north » Mon Jan 22, 2018 2:03 am

Trump’s 24-year-old drug policy appointee was let go at law firm after he ‘just didn’t show’
January 20

A former Trump campaign worker appointed at age 23 to a top position in the White House’s drug policy office had been let go from a job at a law firm because he repeatedly missed work, a partner at the firm said. ... story.html

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Re: The Trump Administration

Post by admin » Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:47 pm

Dam. I just realized i have to record and watch the state of the union address.

Not because i believe anything that comes out of trumps mouth. Not out of even small sence of patriotism i might have left (and rapidly shrinking).

Because none of the comedy shows will make any sense for years to come.
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