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Macrocarpa milled/firewood near PV

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2019 9:48 am
by CachiGringo
We're having 30, 80+ yr old Macrocarpa(Monterey cypress) cut down in the next few weeks. Most of it will be for firewood, but some select chunks will be set aside to be milled as interest arises. Trees vary, but are roughly 30-40m tall and 1-2m dbh for 3-6m. Pretty straight, great Heartwood and few knots. We've been quoted a good price for milling and already have 400" claimed but there's plenty more. Probably somewhere around 2k varas of firewood for 7k/vara when all is said and done. Message on here to coordinate, might be slow to respond but we will get back to you. Also planning to have euca for lena or pulpo, you-cut, mojado ahorra, or seco in a few years, roughly 5 ha