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herbs are for better wellness; i have practiced herbs in Chile for 6 years

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 9:09 pm
by herbs for life
I have been living in Chile many years [25]; first time to notice this forum is in english. What an important communications for English speaking public living in Chile. I have been working with Chile's best herbs; and many are most useful if taken in capsule form. Well over 50 million North Americans make their own herbs in their homes. The savings is 10 times less cost; when put together privately.

Higher levels of wellness are achieved when mixing several herbs of a specific category: anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial, anti-fungi, anti-diabetic. I take daily 8 herbs; all of which i call my primaries: hercampuri, artemisia annua, saliva, curcumin [95% of capsule] with black-pepper [5 % of capsule].

These herbs and spices can be taken daily and for long term [life]; the results are amazing. In the first 6 months; the body senses become most acute, dryness of nose and lungs, walking become energized, falling in the street ; has become a fading memory.

I have posted a Youtube [5 mins]; discussing the assembly of capsules in Chile; and recently another one [7 mins] discussing the grinding down process of the best herbs on this planet. Hope some interest occurs here -- I have been taking herbs for many years, and i feel great. I used to have angina attacks; but they too are past memory.
herbs for life