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TO BUY: Camera (prefer either mirrorless entry level camera or possibly GoPro/equivalent)

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 8:28 pm
by mr_steve

I'm new to the forum and just arrived in Chile; currently overlanding by moto through S America. I've been on the road for 8 months and my crappy iPhone 4s with slightly cracked glass over the camera bit doesn't quite cut it anymore and I'm looking for something affordable to take a few nicer snapshots as I make my way down to Patagonia!

I'm considering two options: a GoPro/equivalent OR something a little more photographer-ish like a Sony mirrorless NEX-5n or a6000. I've been told by a photographer friend that these are good entry level cameras and being mirrorless/compact are good options for travel.

Do you a camera that might be a good fit for me? Or can you recommend any camera shops with decent rates, or other online websites to buy used equipment in Chile?

Thanks for any offers or tips on where to look!