Alamo rental cars

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Re: Alamo rental cars

Post by zer0nz » Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:09 pm

maghavat wrote:ALAMO CHILE are THIEVES! They overcharged me by $150 USD, provided no receipt and no documentation for why they overcharged me. I had made the reservation months in advance and when I arrived to pick up the car, it was dirty and only had 1/8 of a tank of gas. After I protested, they gave me a "cleaner" car with 1/4 a tank of gas! They charged me the drop off fee immediately and forced me to give them a blank imprint of my credit card (WHICH IS AGAINST MASTERCARD POLICY!). Later, when I returned the car to Santiago airport, the guy at the desk was too busy reading his book to listen when I told them that they had already charged me a portion of the fee and that I never received a full tank of gas. He was so unconcerned, that I came back and repeated myself. "Don't worry, it will be fine" is what he said and, of course, later they CRIMINALLY overcharged me, will not respond to any emails, and have gotten away with it! I REPEAT: THEY ARE CRIMINALS! DON'T RENT FROM THEM! THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU!

welcome to chile, seems to happens alot with people with foreign credit cards! report it to your credit card fraud people to resolve

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