Tracking registered parcels coming from Chile going international

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Tracking registered parcels coming from Chile going international

Post by vern » Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:59 am


I am not from Chile but from the Philippines. The reason I posted in this forum is because I purchased online from someone who is from Chile and has an online store in eBay. He sent me this tracking number: <deleted by admin>

After checking with Correos Chile it states that as per last update (December 28, 2017) the registered parcel was sent already sent outside of Chile, "ENVIO DESPACHADO AL PAIS DE DESTINO". I noticed that Correos Chile does not give out the destination country of the parcel. After checking two multi-tracking parcel websites, 17track and trackingmore I discovered that the parcel is going to HongKong as a destination country and not the Philippines! Also, the Philippine Postal Corporation mail tracking site, does not have a record of the supposed incoming registered parcel.

The parcel on December 28, 2017 had already been sent out of Chile and until now there is no update... Wonder if this seller is a con-man?

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Re: Tracking registered parcels coming from Chile going international

Post by admin » Sun Jan 07, 2018 12:34 pm

Why are you posting here?

I ask because you are like the 5 Asian customer in the last year, that ordered something from Chile, that insist on posting your postal complaint on our forum (with way, way too much information).

You have a missing package, contact that business or the postal company. Stop spamming my forum with this shipping crap.
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Re: Tracking registered parcels coming from Chile going international

Post by frozen-north » Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:05 pm

A similar question was answered on this thread:
Ask for the sender to open an insurance claim with Correos de Chile. Their insurance processing time is 23 business days, so you will probably get the package before then, but better safe then sorry. If the sender somehow shipped it without insurance, then ask for a refund, as the package belongs to the sender until delivered. I haven't checked the specific regulation for Chile, but this is an UPU regulation for all postal companies, so it should be uniform. ... 53#p177451

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