Total Solar Eclipse December 14th Pucon and Villarica Area

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Total Solar Eclipse December 14th Pucon and Villarica Area

Post by Britkid » Wed Nov 18, 2020 4:19 pm

As many of you know, there will be an eclipse of the sun on December 14th (totality phase just after 1pm). Visible as a partial eclipse across Chile, it will be a total eclipse in Araucania. This will be the last total eclipse of the sun in Chile until 2048 (and that one is quite far down in Aysen). So there are likely forum members reading this who will be about to choose between whether to see this one or whether never to see one.


Pucon and Villarica are right in the centre line of the eclipse so 2 minutes of totality. Temuco is just inside the totality zone so gets seconds of totality. Source: ... e-17-11-20
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Based on my experience of the total eclipse last year, I think it’s worth driving at least a few hours to see. Assuming you have a car and are not at high COVID risk, I reckon it's worth it for most people from about Concepcion down to about Puerto Montt. If you are somewhere just outside the totality zone like Valdivia it would honestly be silly just to stay at home and watch it as a partial eclipse as you miss all the best stuff.


There is maybe a 50% chance it will be cloudy. So another choice is to decide 1-3 days before depending on weather forecast.
The odds of clear skies are a bit better in Argentina but, about the border crossing currently says “Complejo Fronterizo Mamuil Malal CERRADO por emergencia sanitaria”. ... uil-malal/ looks to be the website.
Here is a very detailed write up of weather prospects:
However the graph below has the key data:

Another doubt is whether it will be allowed to travel given COVID. If any comuna is or goes under quarantine (phase 1) you won’t be able to go there. Phase 3 or above is fine. Phase 2 seems to me a grey area about whether it’s forbidden or discouraged. If anyone has ever seen solid, clear info about this on a government site, please post info. Pucon is currently in 3 and Villarica 2.
Inter-regional travel currently requires filling out forms online before travelling. I assume this situation will likely still be the case by the time of the eclipse.
I’d say there is probably a better than 50/50 chance you’ll be able to travel from other regions to see the eclipse.

Places to Stay
I just did one search on and found some places to stay charging 7-10x the price for the night before the eclipse vs one week earlier. Air B and B looks better: at the moment I see offers to rent a room for about 100,000 per night or a house for 200,000 per night. I reckon I could get less than half of that by just going to a residential area and asking around. Either way, I don’t think it makes sense to make any bookings until they have announced the stage for each comuna for the week of the eclipse. I imagine that will be announced Monday 7th December (or latest 8th or 9th).

According to, bus prices even the day before the eclipse are about 40.000 from Santiago to Pucon (10 hours) one way which is quite reasonable but about 2x the normal price.

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Re: Total Solar Eclipse December 14th Pucon and Villarica Area

Post by 41southchile » Wed Nov 18, 2020 4:49 pm

Thanks Britkid, good information, hope its not raining that day.
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Re: Total Solar Eclipse December 14th Pucon and Villarica Area

Post by admin » Wed Nov 18, 2020 6:08 pm

yea, we are going to drive up with the family. still studying where to go. mostly looking for a place away from the crowds.

having lived in that area, best to avoid the coast and valleys, as morning cloud cover and fog can linger in to the early afternoon.

probably will stay away from puco/ villarica due to anticipated crowds, and also clouds can build up on the mountains in the afternoon, even on an otherwise sunny day.

probably going to find a nice back dirt road that will terrify the teoristas from santiago.
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