Business advice??

General job offers and work related issues in Chile.
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Re: Business advice??

Post by zaebis » Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:37 pm

I will be blunt but practical.

With your "credentials" U stand a better chance winning a lottery than making a living in Chile. Stay put in UK. (b.t.w. there is no welfare in Chile, you will have to make it on your own....)
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Re: Business advice??

Post by john » Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:16 pm

zannder wrote:
MatthewNZ wrote:Thanks for the post. I'd be interested in updates on your progress

I've been in a similar position to you but I decided against a move to chile - basic Spanish, no easily marketable skills and limited capital just didn't stack up in my mind. Try not to take this personally, but honestly in your position your chances of success in Chile are not great. Maybe your fiance has some good connections, but in my experience Chileans tend to over promise and under deliver big time. Even if you find a job, you will earn much less than you could in the UK

Saying that, having at least some capital would make your move much smoother. Have you considered some opportunities closer to home? I'm guessing you are UK based, why not leverage your passport and language and head out to Dubai/UAE or even Australia? Things have slowed down in Oz but there are still high paying jobs around if you're prepared to move regionally. Why not work hard for a couple of years and save some serious $$ before the move to Chile? It isn't going anywhere and time passes quickly.
Thanks for the advice Matthew, i appreciate. Been to Oz years ago and have a tax file number, so that did cross my mind, however i am pushing 50 now and feel i have to strike out now!! On the plus side the girlfriend has a job and home, so i won't be on the street. We are pretty realistic and know that nothing is going to happen for months until my language skills are up to scratch. She also reckons that her bank will look favourably on getting a loan for a small holding.....if there are any available that is!! So Chile it is!! :mrgreen:
I concur with MatthewNZ and zaebis in their assessments that (absent having a significant sum of money for investment purposes) you would have difficulty achieving success in Chile, as you do not appear to have adequate marketable job skills. I am retired and enjoy living in Chile very much; however, I would not have considered Chile as a destination point had I been in the job market. As has been stated many times on this forum, salaries are much lower in Chile (for like positions) than in the developed nations; while the cost of living is not commensurably lower. On the other hand, Chile has a lot of business opportunity potential for those fortunate enough to have the capital to invest; and it is also a great place for younger people starting out to gain invaluable life experiences via exposure to a culture other than their own.

I trust you will take the right decision, and wish you the very best of luck in all your future endeavors.
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