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Forum Troll Policy

Post by admin » Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:31 pm

For the most part I try to stay fair and impartial about the topics, as long as everyone has played by the rules. Recently, we have more than few members abusing the rules or at least trying to wigle around the spirit of them.

I have recieved recently a lot of compaints about the forum troll problem from many long time members that have earned their wings, and as far as I am concerned a vote in how the forum is run even if just in an unoffical advice capacity. To be honest, I have kind of reached my limit with the troll problem also.

I am going to work on new formal policy for forum trolling. That is, people that look to start arguements or discussions just for their own entertainment, but contribute very little to the general well being of the forum or to promoting Chile.

I can say so far, I am going to give the forum trolls about 30 days to clean up their act, or their accounts will be locked.

The other criteria, well, are still in the works.

Please refer to the TOS agreement to understand where i am coming from and where you can go if you don't like it.
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Re: Forum Troll Policy

Post by araucaniax » Wed Dec 08, 2010 2:30 pm

As soon as a set of rules (or a formal policy) is created anywhere -- a thousand of ways to bypass the said rules come into existence. Thus, while the "fools" [generally] do not see any alternative to either abide these rules, or leave the ship -- the "wise", "creative", and "skilled" are usually equipped way better. Having said that, may the art of creating the rules be mastered by the Emperor, and may the People act strictly in accordance with the rules thus stated.

Best of luck.

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