Hey there, from Taiwan (not anymore)

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Hey there, from Taiwan (not anymore)

Post by soyena » Sun Mar 07, 2010 7:07 am

Hi, I just arrived a day ago, or was it 2? the jet lags are killing me!
I am offically moving in here with my fiance, he's also Taiwanese who's waiting for his permanent citizenship here.
Anyhow, I just shipped like 3 pallets of goods, including foods! yes, you heard me, I thought processed foods are a-okay! But apparantly not as my Ginsent tea bag were pulled out from my luggage as I landed. It costs me around USD500!!!!
I must say, the rules doesnt seem too "defined" and a HUGE % of luck one must depend on.
Because of personal reasons, I want to get legally married by the 24th of May! and for these 3 months... I am not sure how to proceed with my 1 month tourism visa, specially with all the luggages that I am shipping in! any excuse for having that much luggage?
*sigh* I dont mean to be rude or anything much less offending any Chile-lovers but I am already home sick. The living expense here is so high...

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Re: Hey there, from Taiwan (not anymore)

Post by MikieO » Sun Mar 07, 2010 8:08 am

Yes, it can be expensive here but look at all the free entertainment! :mrgreen:
Shouldn't that tourist visa be 3 months, not one? ("I am not sure how to proceed with my 1 month tourism visa")
I brought in a big box of English tea bags, like you I didn't think mere tea bags would be a problem but while waiting for mt bags to arrive I listened to the announcement. I pointed them out verbally to the gal prior to the bags going through the X ray machine and she spoke to the gal on the other side. They made me fill out a new form (which I was pissed about) but I'd have been sick at being charged $500! :shock:
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Re: Hey there, from Taiwan (not anymore)

Post by oregon woodsmoke » Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:15 pm

You should have no trouble renewing your tourist visa as many times as you need to.

Some food is OK to bring in. Processed food in the original sealed package is mostly OK. Anything that is plant matter is going to be more difficult. The Chile customs site has a listing of what food is OK to bring in and what is not.

No whole seeds of any kind are allowed, except for roasted coffee, but ground spices seem to be OK. Declare everything and then the customs agents will decide what you can keep and what you can't. Don't try to sneak anything in.

If you look suspicious, they might take your canned foods and open them. Canning is (or at least used to be) a way of moving drugs through customs.

Best luck to you in your new life.

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