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Introduce yourself, discover who else is here, and get news and information about the forum. Most of all, tell us what Chile means for you.

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New to board

Post by BillVol » Fri Jan 18, 2019 11:37 am

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to find this forum since I'm always on the internet and often looking up stuff about Chile. Looking for a US equal to Chanco cheese led me here. I'm sure there is info on merken and aji de color, too.

Lived in Santiago for about two years as a kid. Our address was 7952 Gredos, and it is cool, thanks to Google Maps, to see the old place again. Unfortunately, it no longer has Spanish tiles on the roof. LOL Went to Nido de Aguilas school.

We were there during the Allende years, and things were tough. But once you go to Chile, it is in your blood and there is no cure! Have been back only once (1996) and it was stunning to see the changes.

My best friend at Nido was Jim Davis, son of the US ambassador. It was always a big treat to be invited over to spend the night at the ambassador's residence. Especially when it was hard to find essentials like meat. I remember just the two of us going into the dining room with china with the US seal on it. Jim would always say, "Order whatever you want." I'd say, "Anything?" He'd say, "Anything. They can make it." I always got pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

I make empanadas (pino) at home and I have to say they are very good. I saw a video on making cheese empanadas on YouTube, which is why I was asking about Chanco cheese. I also make pan amasado, which I think is the best bread ever for sandwiches. Still working on the marraquetas.

I'll stop there. I'm glad to have found this forum.

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Re: New to board

Post by admin » Fri Jan 18, 2019 12:10 pm

Welcome to the forum, and very cool story.
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