Scheduling Meetings, Spencer Global and VFV

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Scheduling Meetings, Spencer Global and VFV

Post by admin » Wed Nov 28, 2018 5:06 pm

o.k., seems i have to say this about scheduling meetings, as we are having a bit of a problem with people dropping in at our offices in Santiago and Frutillar.

I guess it is one of the better problems to have, as problems go in running any sort of biz.

You must schedule a meeting with us in advanced, if a meeting is required at all.

If you just drop in, chances are there might not be anyone there to talk to you as everyone is realy busy this time of year.

Typicaly we need one to two weeks to find an opening for someone that is not already a client.

The first step is send us an email or call. We evaluate your case, then if a meeting is needed we will find an opening in the schedule. Sometimes, we simply can not help. Often people call me up with what they think is some monumental legal problem, that we simply solve over the phone in a few mins. So, let's make sure you have a problem that we can solve to start, before coming all the way to Chile or one of our offices.

Further information related to meetings:

As in previous years, From December to February (summer months) we will not be holding meetings for matters of just immigration. In most cases, It is simply is not required given the nature of the work involved. We handle immigration for 95% of our clients completly by phone calls, email, and so on.

Further we will only be holding meetings for fully contracted and paid clients through the summer. We are simply too busy this time of year. In the winter, we often can find time to have preliminary meetings.

Again, the best way to start is contact us by email or phone. we evaluate your situation, then we can schedule a meeting if needed.
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