SPAM and the New Chile Forum (policies and what to do)

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SPAM and the New Chile Forum (policies and what to do)

Post by admin » Sat Mar 08, 2008 2:24 am

I think we have a fairly rock solid system for now for preventing spam. Most of the automated spam seems to be well blocked for now. Still some random registrations from spammers, but no real spam posts.

I am going to write a new set of linking and general content policies for the forum, that should be far less restrictive than the old ones to better reflect our great leap forward in technology.

For now, if you click the exclamation mark on the top of any post you believe to be spam, you can report it to me. I will look in to it ASAP.

Still in general for new users we highly recommend that you keep your first 5-10 posts free of any links. You instantly send up the flags as a spammer if the first thing you do is post a link.

I will be implementing a modification shortly that will simply block people from seeing a new users links until they reach 10 or 15 posts, at which time their links will become visible for all to see. Even the ones they did in their first post. I think this way we can discourage even the most persistent spammers. Either that or will turn them in to good forum members by the time their links are worth anything.
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