Accommodation availability in Patagonia December to March

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Accommodation availability in Patagonia December to March

Post by goingtravelling 2012 » Mon Aug 15, 2016 4:30 pm

Hi all, My wife and I are planning a South American 1 year trip starting with a months language course in Cusco to the end of October 2016. We then plan flying to Santiago and then on down south. We'd like to do the TDP 'W' which we could do in November before it gets too busy and then we'd like to tour round Patagonia doing sightseeing and easier treks in an unhurried way until maybe March time, then moving north through Chile and un up through Bogata, Peru, Equador etc. After reading other posts, Lonely Planet guides and other sources of information we can see that it's going to be busy everywhere down south so we're wondering about the best way of doing things.
Is the TDP in November OK or will it be busy by this time? Is the weather relatively settled or is it a bad time to be there? Is Christmas and the New Year likely to be booked up everywhere and does it continue at a very busy level through January and February? We would prefer to book accommodation as we go along rather than be tied to a schedule, but is this a recipe for disaster? Should we prebook right through this period? The places we would like to visit, other than TDP, will be the 'usual suspects', places like Bariloche, El Calafate, El Chalten and other favourites, so I guess the answer is going be 'yes it will be busy', but any help would be appreciated.
We did think about booking an apartment for a month from mid December to mid January as it seems some places on Airbnb offer a discount for 1 months stay, but we're not sure about staying in one place for so long without a car. If it continues as being very busy after mid January and through February we will still be faced with the same accommodation problems.
Its tempting to just go somewhere else during the very busy time and come back before/after, would that be November to mid December and then from March to April? Would it be sensible to spend mid December to late March in say northern Chile/Bogata/Peru and then come back down? Any idea how busy it would be in northern areas during those times?
Sorry for the rambling post, but we are not tied to a timetable and can jump around as necessary (cost permitting) to make the best of it, we would just like to know how to make the best of it!
Thank you, Brian

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