Newbie Questions About Temporary Residency

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Newbie Questions About Temporary Residency

Post by New2Portugal » Sat Jul 03, 2021 11:30 pm


A lot of interesting information on this forum! I am a dual Australian / British citizen with a Russian partner that is interested in living in Chile for some time.

I am an engineer and will be working remotely and travelling to clients in South America or beyond as required. Santiago thus seems like a good base to live. It is my responsibility to choose the location and get visas to legally live there. I am currently interested in the Chilean program for temporary residency through passive income. The intent would be to apply for myself and my partner then move to permanent residency at a later stage.

Towards this end I I have a couple of questions that are still not clear to me. If anyone can offer any insight (or recommend someone who can give insight) that would be most appreciated.

My questions are as follows!

1. Non-married Partner
Does Chile recognise a non married partner for such a visa? Can we apply together and if so, is there any way we can both get the right to work in Chile?

2. Tax
If I work remotely are there any reasons why the temporary residence would be a disadvantage in terms of tax?

3. Remote Application
Given the trouble travelling to Chile right now is it advisable to apply remotely? If yes, I welcome recommendations if anyone has them.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: Newbie Questions About Temporary Residency

Post by admin » Sun Jul 04, 2021 7:02 am

There is essentially no new residency for foriegners right now. Only people with existing connection to the country such as family members of a chilean.

A. You can't enter Chile without special permission. Typically limited only to existing residents and citizens. That is just to get you over the border problem due to the pandemic, and then a quartine after that.

B. The entire immigration system is currently under a total overhaul as the new immigration law is implemented.

everyone has to wait until the current emergency settles down, and they issue the new immigration regulations. You are probably looking at 2022 before that is even a kind of possibility. There is a very remote possibility in November or December there might be some announcements as they try to save the summer tourism season; but, I highly doubt that unless the pandemic comes under control.

I mean you could take a crack at filing for a visa at the consulate, but there is the real possibility the whole emergency would be over by the time they process it. also, right now, it is highly likely the embassy will screw-up the application beyond all repair giving the flux in the immigration laws and contradictory regulations being issued.
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Re: Newbie Questions About Temporary Residency

Post by New2Portugal » Sun Jul 04, 2021 9:40 pm

OK thanks for the reply.

We don't want to move to Chile until after things settle in 2022, though I was hoping the beginning of the year given the vaccination progress. My idea was to get the visa processed remotely while there would be limited applications and before any changes. Alas if the entire immigration system is in paralysis perhaps that will be futile.

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