How do you guys find tradesmen

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Re: How do you guys find tradesmen

Post by admin » Sun Jul 15, 2012 10:20 pm

You got to approach it from the point of view that YOU are the prime contractor, no matter how many contractors you hire between you and the worker. So, that essentially means you need to know how to do the job yourself, before you start trying to manage a bunch of guys that do not know how to do the job in a foreign language.

It is not completely impossible. I got a older gringa friend that is originally from Europe, in her 70's, currently remodelling her own house she just bought in the south. Granted she has lived all over the World and speaks Spanish fluently (Columbian spanish), but she is still a 70 year old foreign women with blond hair. You would think it would be a total disaster for her to deal with the local maestros.

So far so good. She is just completing a full kitchen remodel (including removing two structural wall, replacing windows, insulating exterior walls), and is moving on to the rest of the house. I have stopped by for dinner from time to time and put in my 2 pesos about what they are doing (mostly just where to find materials), but for the most part she has managed the whole thing herself. I am sure that project would have likely made a lot of younger gringo males with some construction experience breakdown and cry with frustration. She managed to get it done in under month, and under budget. Guess it depends on your skill set, and your attitude.

Most importantly, just be there. Biggest mistake is hire someone and walk away.
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Re: How do you guys find tradesmen

Post by trabajo en progreso » Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:56 am

maybe your girlfriend should hire the 70year old woman to sort it for her :)

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