REal estate tax question

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Re: REal estate tax question

Post by admin » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:49 am

Sorry, been really busy recently.

Not registering with the tax authority could mean a lot of things, but in general would be illegal or at least is a major red flag. It may or may not be fixiable, but that can only be determined with a title search. In most situations it is fixiable. It just might take a bit more work.

In general, it is a very bad idea to try and hunt for land online in chile. You kind of need to see it for yourself.

If you can resend your message, it will get to the top of my inbox as i dig out from the recent backlog.
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Re: REal estate tax question

Post by Gloria » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:58 am

Here we go! Proyecto de Regularización......**you´ll need house plans done by an architect.
**Permits by the SEC done by an certified electrician.
**Derechos municipales por concepto de regularización ( bunch of paper and
fees to be paid to the Municipality.
**Property assessment ( certificado de avalúo fiscal)
** Well water testing.
**Water must be approved by Dept of Health.
**Septic must approved.
Every piece of paper has a $ sign....(chee cheen, chee cheen) time and patience consuming. Even though we had some "tricks" up our sleeves, it was a looooong process. When all is done, you feel like you have given birth all over again. There you have it! If you have questions send me a PM.
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Re: REal estate tax question

Post by Huelshoff » Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:15 pm

Thanks. I'm sending you an email at law@spencerglobal.

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Re: REal estate tax question

Post by picalena » Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:08 am

Huelshoff wrote:
Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:03 pm
I'm looking at a property near Carburga. I currently live in the States, and won't buy until I can visit it. I'm also getting a local set of eyes on it before I decide to fly down to look at it myself. I'm retiring in a year, and plan on using this as a semi-permanent residence.

Second, the closest place with internet access (land line, I guess) is several klicks down the road. Does anyone have an idea what it might cost to run the line up to the property? Are there other options?
I will reiterate what everyone else says. If you are planning to semi-reside in a house near Caburgua and you are from NOLA, you are probably going to really regret your decision for a billion reasons. To answer your specific question, you will not have internet to speak of and you will not be able to afford getting the line run up to your property, assuming anyone actually ever shows up to do it. And frankly, that will be the least of your frustrations.

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Re: REal estate tax question

Post by Huelshoff » Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:25 am

Thanks again for the words of caution. They are appreciated, if maybe not exactly on target. I've been married to a Chilena for 25 years, been visiting the country since 1991, lived in country for a couple of six-month sabbaticals, spent weeks at a time in the Villa Rica/Pucon/Carburga area in addition to traveling from Arica in the north to Punta Arenas in the south (and absolutely love the Aisen region), speak passable Spanish (still working on it), and grew up in Oregon, which has a climate very similar to that of the area I am looking to settle in. On top of that I have been doing academic research and writing on Chilean political economy for most of the last decade. Of course you couldn't know any of that, and I do appreciate your advice. All that being said, I understand that I'll be complaining of many of the same sort of frustrations that many here on the blog note once I'm in Chile. As we say in the family, its the Chilean Way.

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