Real life experience Fonasa B with the private system

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Real life experience Fonasa B with the private system

Post by eeuunikkeiexpat » Wed Sep 04, 2019 2:34 am

Preliminary Info:

I voluntarily pay monthly (US$31ish depending on exchange rate) into the Fonasa system at the B level (Chilean minimum wage) which gives me full coverage in the public system and bonos for the private system.

I am middle aged and proactive in health matters focusing on alternative health strategies so rarely go to the conventional allopathic system for anything unless a true bodily break/fix situation.


I unfortunately have a situation where I damaged my knee and had to finally delve into the Chilean health system.

I went to the same Las Condes traumatologist my wife went to for a second opinion when she had a snapped shoulder tendon who not only accurately diagnosed her on the first visit but was able to prevent an operation (which the first doctor insisted on and was more than ready to schedule) via kinesiology therapy.

So doctor visit aprox. US$9, same day X-Rays on-site aprox. US$42. Doc ordered an MRI and I went to their recommended place in Santiago aprox. US$97. Then another visit to the doc for review of the data aprox. US$9 and then another aprox. US$9 for the doctor on staff that is the expert on the knee and who will be performing any future operation. Discovered that the first doc is actually the owner of the clinic and his specialty is not the knee but he knows his stuff and I feel confident that anyone on his staff he refers to can be trusted.

Diagnosis not good, need to reconstruct the ACL tendon and the inner meniscus is broke and the unsalvegeable part needs to be removed.

Since I don't have a cadilac private plan like some of the younger or richer types on the forum, I was referred to Fonasa PAD where a medical consultant analyzes all the information pertinent to the situation and comes up with a price for the operation.

Of course, I had to get a blood test aprox. US$21 and an ECG aprox. US$9 which I conveniently did near my digs at Clinica San Antonio.

Next: now waiting on the PAD consultation.
Que será, será.

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