Masonry Fireplace - Glass Doors (ceramic glass)

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Masonry Fireplace - Glass Doors (ceramic glass)

Post by mem » Mon Mar 25, 2019 5:07 pm

I have a masonry fireplace. I tried to look into putting in a full blown Amesti or Bosca insert int the fireplace, but the damper/chimney uses a zig zag baffle so a tin heat pipe can't go up the the insert idea is out. I don't want to start breaking up stone and brick for this

That leaves me with looking at "air sealed" fireplace glass doors with ceramic glass so the doors can be shut, similar to an enclosed insert or wood stove. The doors are cabinet style, part of a fream that has an overfit flashing all around the outside. Next best thing to an enclosed insert/wood stove

I found some air sealed ceramic glass doors in the US but shipping them here would be a lot of money and customs problems

Does anyone know where I can go in Chile too look at Fireplace glass doors that I could retrofit onto my masonry fireplace? Or even have them custom made based on the measurements of my fireplace?

Preferably with ceramic glass....they dont technically need to be the gasketed air sealed type frame. They are mainly to block heatloss up the chimney when it is not in use and with ceramic glass I could keep them closed so that the soot smell and smoke dont come into the living a typical standalone wood stove

This is a link to what I found in the US: ... -door.html


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