Electricity costs out in the country

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Re: Electricity costs out in the country

Post by nwdiver » Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:43 pm

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Sat Jul 14, 2018 6:26 am
Yea i have been debating the ins and outs of solar. I have a friend that owes me a favor and does solar installations. Has offered to do a system setup at cost for the hardware, and his company has a contract with the power company for them to buy back the excess juice if they certify the installation.

We are running about 50,000 a month, including the shared eletric for the community water well that is split among all of our neighbors and shows up on our bill. My wife likes her drier. My house keeper likes it even more. Probably cheaper to start by giving them a place hang laundry in the rainy season.

Besides the independance from the grid, i really can not justify the cost yet. I have about million other little energy saving things to do my house first that would lower our energy. Like i might put in a solar hot water pre-heater. Our heat and hot water is a inline gas calderia, and i figure even just preheating the water 10 or 20 degrees or more would save a pile of money. Most of the year we should not even need the gas heater to kick over. It has fairly sofisticated water temp sensor in it.

There are all sorts of plans out on the internet for building them, for like 20,000 pesos in materials. I probably got all the materials in my garage. Just need the time to get to that pet project.

Of course, never have too much insulation. I keep looking at the house and seeing a million ways to improve the insulation.

Swapping all the lights with LED is already underway. Renovated the kitchen and calculated i went from around a 1000 watts down to less than 100 watts, with better lighting.

If i get all those done and i am still sucking energy, then ill take a look at the solar panel system. Really, for emergencies, i dont need a full blown system. Perhaps run the refrigerator and the a bunch of low draw eltrical devises (tv, cell phones, lap tops) is the biggest must have items in the house, so i might start with a smaller system and batteries.
You cook and heat water with gas, get a gas drier, the only electric part makes it go round and round ;)
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Re: Electricity costs out in the country

Post by Julito » Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:17 am

The General Electric gas drier in the hotel last summer, going 12 hours a day a 45g gas bottle lasted 111 days including the gas stove. It depends on the ambient air temperature, now in winter it's about 20% less efficient but still a great decision financially.

Same same with the reverse cycle air conditioning, a bigger financial outlay but now a no brainer. The aircon is on a separate meter, the February bill was 44k pesos for cooling and last month 74k pesos for heating, nada...

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