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Re: chaos in PDI

Post by paladin » Fri Aug 03, 2018 5:35 pm

Just to update on my earlier posts. I finally ran the gauntlet. I waited until after the 23 July deadline for the illegals to register, thinking it would get better, but no; I went to PDI again on 30th and it was worse still! Nearly 3 sides of the block were with those queuing 2 deep, meaning around 400 or so in line. So with that I decided to try outside of Santiago. Last night, I arrived back after going to Talca by train on Wed night and staying over so as to get to PDI early. I turned up around 7.45 and found there were 23 before me; a lot better than 400! At least we fidnt have to wait outside in below zero temps. I was attended to at 11.50. The cop asked if I lived in Talca , and I told him I came down from Colina. He got a little difficult and said I should have gone to PDI Santiago, as Talca already had a big demand and I shouldnt take up one of their places in the queue. I pointed out that no such requirement was shown on the PDI webpage, and that perhaps by my going to the expense of going to Talca, it meant one less person had to sleep on the streetall night in Santiago, which is a disgrace. He said he’d “let me do it there, just once” !!
I arrived back last night and immediately went into the registro civil website which I knew was going to release appointment dates this morning, so grabbed one in Lo Barnechea at noon. I was out of there within 5 minutes of arriving. All done, but I notice the pick up date is longer than before, ie end of August. Lucky I decided to go for it now as I will travel in September.
Out of interest, the bloke at PDI said it will get worse now as the visas will start to be issued, then they’ll all be back again for certficates. He suggested I just get the Chile passport and avoid future problems. I’ll give it some thought.

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