World Cup Qualifer for Chile --- Last Chance

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Re: World Cup Qualifer for Chile --- Last Chance

Post by Britkid » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:05 am

Here is the goal that knocked Chile out. An absolute freak goal:
Just watch first 2 minutes of the video only.

First of all, is it even a free kick? I mean is that really a high boot, or a low header?

Then, it's an indirect free kick so why is Guerrero shooting at goal? I guess he doesn't know the rules or see/recognize the ref's hand signal. And not one of his team mates had a word with him either?? Honestly, footballers are dumb sometimes. If his shot had gone in without the keeper's touch, it wouldn't have counted.

Also, if the Colombian goalkeeper Ospina had known it was an indirect free kick, then he could have stood there and just let it go in, and Chile would be in the playoff.

What a shambles. Peru are very lucky. Complete fluke goal in all respects.
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