Firewood procurement/storage tech

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Firewood procurement/storage tech

Post by mem » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:13 pm

Interested in hearing opinions about firewood procurement/storage and a comparing notes discussion...

Here is my personal experience the last couple years in the south of chile

I have always ordered firewood chopped, delivered, and ready to burn in an amesti or bosca. I always try to get "dry" wood, but often I am lied to about just how dry the wood really is. Using a slow combustion stove i figure my family uses 25m3 a year. I know that is a lot compared to some of you, but I live in a house full of cold blooded girls and the houses we rent are usually pretty good size 160-250m2.

Ideally, I want to have 50m3 stored on my lot at all times, even if a portion of it is curing/drying out

Usually if I order say 10m3, the guy can only fit 5m3 in his Foton truck or whatever so he has to make 2 trips and often the wood quality and type will change between the trips.

The price I have paid per m3 is between 22k and 32k depending on the season and quality of the wood

The truck arrives and a couple guys just chuck the wood off into a pile on my lot where I tell them. I have considered offering to pay them to stack it, but never actually tried that. I know how much work it is to neatly and strategically stack 5m3 of chopped ready to burn firewood. A lot of time and sweat just moving it.

Sometimes my rental house has a covered place to store firewood, but not enough space to store more than 10-15m3 at the most comfortably in any place I have rented.

I have noticed, driving by places, that some people buy 1m long firewood logs and then stack them in hashtag/pound sign configurations and store them out in the open fields. I can see this helps to dry the wood out by allowing circulation, doesn't require rain cover, and keeps most of the wood off contact with the ground so it doesnt rot and collect bugs/pests

But what I haven't figured out is why this 1m length log is so common. It just seems like a lot of trouble to buy, transport, and stack all these 1m logs only to have to later actually cut them up and split them also! The only thing I can figure is that buying it in 1m logs is super cheap? and then they can either cut/split it themselves or pay some CLP peanuts to an unskilled laborer to chop, split, and stack it for them and it still comes out less cost overall than just having pre-cut/split/dried wood delivered in bulk?

Is the 1m pound sign stack really the best way to do it? I'd like to graduate to the next stage of serious bulk firewood procurement/storage so I want to do it the efficient way now that I am ready to do a 50m3 procurement

Thanks in advance for any opinions/advice

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