Freight Forwarders for purchases in the US

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Freight Forwarders for purchases in the US

Post by mlightheart » Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:35 pm

Not sure if we have had a thread related to this topic before, at least I didn't find one after doing some searching.

But what freight forwarders have you used to send items to Chile. I am not talking about FFs that will ship a container for you. I think we have covered that in another thread somewhere.

While not a FF per se, I know that you can order things from Amazon and have them shipped here. They will calculated the import duties and include them on the purchase price along with the shipping cost. That works well for me if they use DHL to ship.

Someone I know uses eTraders (.cl) and it has worked out well for them. There is also Chilebox (.cl). Correos has their Casilla Miami service ( I used USA Compras Express years ago, but their service went down hill, so I stopped using them. I think they are a vendor for Fastmark in Chile.

A number of these Box places expect you to have a real address and not a casilla. I am not sure about the offering from Correos and their Casilla Miami. Maybe someone can let me know if they do allow you to use a casilla in Chile. You would think that they would.

I came across another place called Ship It To ( They can offer you an address in the US and also in Europe. Don't know much about them.

So fellow forum members, what is your FF of choice for shopping in the US?

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