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Tax question

Post by AHusband » Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:18 pm

It is that time of year, both in Chile and the US.

Chile is normally so easy and lovely to file in that I have almost no questions when it comes time to file. Not this year.

I made an income and declared a tax on it in August of 2016 (honoria/etc). I forgot to pay the tax on it until January of 2017.

Now I am filing my taxes, and I see that my payment in January isn't listed as counting towards my tax payments from 2016 (so I owe a little bit more). Is there a way to easily correct this, or do I file and make the payment (now) and then have the payment I made in January apply when I file taxes next year (so I expect to get money back in 2018).

Note that I very much value ease, although the amount is non-negligible.

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