what is the level of relations between men and women?

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Re: what is the level of relations between men and women?

Post by Scouser » Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:33 pm

I have read this thread with interest and have thought about the 'are Chilean men sexist etc'. I have watched couples and heard stories of the man sat on their ass not working while the wife goes out to work with a 3 hour rtn trip before beginning to tidy, cook and take care of kids while the man does nothing.

I am surprised when told that I am unusual for being able to cook, clean and do my share around the place. (I just do it as I know many men do because its normal... to me anyway)

I also agree that the women I have met and am told about by my Chilean girl that the women do seem to work hard, for low pay and at a high standard. I can't really comment on the work ethics of the chilean men.

But when I think about this and the way things are in the UK, I don't see a huge difference between the two cultures. People are people, some driven, some lazy in both sexes.

What I did notice doesn't happen here though when I have been to a bar to entertain the masses with my sub standard Karaoke performance is that the woman are not in the street drunk beyond reason, half naked, the men arnt doing all they can to punch anybody within distance and there is also not a very high police presence to stop this happening and a massive cost to the normal people in society. I could have been in the wrong part of town of course.

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Re: what is the level of relations between men and women?

Post by Kimberley » Wed Jul 11, 2012 3:00 pm

Your comments are right on the money La_Tini.

Personally, I don't think anything could have prepared me for the intellectually insulting, verbally inappropriate and perverse behaviour that Chilean men think is acceptable in the work place, not to mention other spheres of life. Of course it is not everyone, but it is rife here, especially amongst the older generations.

And kissing/hugging along with a greeting is normal for me. If you are in any way involved with Italians or other affectionate communities in Australia, or have travelled a bit, then this is nothing new.

Regarding the violence in Chile: I read a book that dedicated a chapter to the suffering servants of Chile: women. The author reported high rates of unreported crimes against women as provided by womens groups that attempt to provide on ground support to the situation, but these figures were not reflected in government reports.

There was also an argument for the blatantly sexist tendency of legal precedents in chile in favor of men, that when a man kills his wife it is a "crime of passion" and when a women kills her husband its "pre-meditation". A case study of this was an interview with a women who was sentenced to 15 years in jail for 'conspiring to kill her husband'. Except the thing was, all she did was stay in an abusive relationship with an alcoholic for many many many years and the abuse went unreported... then one day, when her husband was drunk, and her only son had a friend over to visit, the husband/father forced her to do an erotic show in front of them- the son and friend included... that night the son and friend murdered the husband in the park nearby. The son was sentenced to 10 years, the friend 10 and the wife 15 because the judge ruled she had 'masterminded the whole thing'... A legal group some how found out about her case and after a lot of hard work got her released a few years early. The really sad part of the story was that she talked with her son every month on the phone and after 7 years he was granted a visit to see her. But 2 days before the scheduled date of their reunion, he was murdered in jail...

Perhaps the higher sentences for "femicide" have been a recent addition to chilean law.... i really have no idea as I have not done further research. I think the point of the article from Greg and Judy is that a successful and appropriate conviction for crimes against women is still difficult under current definitions of the law.

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Re: what is the level of relations between men and women?

Post by momof3 » Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:50 am

Recently I learned of a case of spousal abuse. The wife called the cops and her husband spent the night in jail. The result: the ladies in her community had a gathering whereby it was agreed that the wife was not supposed to have called the police on her husband. The ladies were from Chile, the wife who made the call was from the U.S.A.
We agree to disagree.

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Re: what is the level of relations between men and women?

Post by amandaloop » Mon Jul 30, 2012 12:25 am

What is the level of relations between men and men/women and women? Is the typical Chilean accepting of LGBT community? I would be more understanding of "when in Rome" arguments if there was something new Chile had to offer in terms of civil rights. What has Chile given us? Innovations is key. Thank you America... thank you Sweden.

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