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Craighouse, Dunalastair, Colegio Aleman, Lincoln - Chicureo

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:54 pm
by momof3
In an effort to round up lost gringo souls with children attending school in the Chicureo / Piedra Roja area I offer comfort in the form of fellow lost souls :)
Our wee little group of expats in suburbia will have a Meet-and-Greet Monday the 18th at El Establo. It will be at 8:15 pm and it is fully expected that the kids come along. It has an arcade and a playground so you can set them free.
The food is ok, the service is painfully slow, but the company is shameless and proud of it.
I listed the schools that would most likely have some expat parents involved however if you have a child at another school and live in the area you too are welcome to join.

Some people have mistakingly thought that expats only come from English speaking countries. Niet! If that were the case they could not make fun of me at the dinner table or in our FB group in their native tongues.

For more information PM me.