Dakar 2013

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Re: Dakar 2013

Post by weston881 » Mon Feb 11, 2013 5:48 pm

I don't get there until March, but plan to be around for a long time. I don't ride mountains, pretty much all motocross, badlands, dunes, etc. The only KTM suspension that I rode and really liked was Andy Bell's 250f a couple of years ago. But it had full on factory suspension and was extremely stiff, but not in a harsh way. You could over/under jump stuff and it didn't matter, yet it still cornered pretty well. For me its going to come down to what is most readily available from a parts standpoint. I only plan to make 1 or 2 trips to the states every year, so that will limit my ability to source parts.

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Re: Dakar 2013

Post by HybridAmbassador » Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:10 pm

weston881 wrote:
HybridAmbassador wrote:
ratbert wrote:Meanwhile, back at the races.

The Dakar Rally continued from Chile into Argentina, from Calama CL to Salta AR, involving changes of more than 3000 meters of elevation during that stage. But the torrential rains in northwestern Argentina caused changes and delays. The truck category for this stage was cancelled entirely. The other vehicle categories will resume at noon.

Chilean moto rider Francisco "Chaleco" López (originally from Curicó) is shining. He was in second place for the seventh stage and remains in second place overall for motos. He has a good chance of winning this rally. López is part of the Bordone Ferrari racing team and is riding a KTM 450 Rally. Fotito from Bordone Ferrari.
Roberto-San, I can see that you are an devoute KTM enthusiast,Can I entice you to perhaps icline abit towars the famed brands such as the Yamahas.? Ahem! I mentioned Yamaha 'cause it is a terrific all mighty brand,and of course it belongs to the Toyota-groups er, let me re-phrase it to this way: An excerpt borrowed from Mr.SC of the universe.
Toyota doesn't own Yamaha per se, but they are a major stock holder in the company. The two have teamed up on several ventures and it appears that their R&D departments work together a lot on special, race-related projects, and various limited-run vehicles. They remain separate corporations, but they are in bed together a lot of the time..
or the Hondas,Suzukis,and the Kawasakis..They all make a terrific Bikes be them on asphalt or off-roads use..The KTM being an Austrian makes and not Germans but durable and a so-so performances so its all OK but the nation of the rising Sun can out perform the KTMs hands down! Just look at the racings result of US or Europe or any other part of the sphere, those 4 brands I already mentioned are way superior.. The facts tells it all..I know, you are going to tell me to look at 2012 AMA Dirt Bike's championship result indicates that the KTM won it for the 1st time in the history of Americas off road racing, but whatch out, the Japanese marques are coming back in full force.! He,He,He,he, How about it, Roberto-San?
I am a huge fan of Yamaha and Toyota and have been a loyal customer for decades. I must say that the Japanese are falling behind in the motorcycle world. Honda is just too cumbersome and takes too long to make a decision. They are also myopic in their views and stand on their principles to the detriment of the brand. Yamaha was able to close the sales gap on Honda by being exactly the opposite and pushing new technology. However they have gone a bit too far and over-engineered many of their products at the expense of their tried and true products. Suzuki, well they are just hanging on and Kawasaki either hits a homerun or they don't swing at all.

You may ask where these opinions are founded and I would tell you from many years riding/racing motorcycles and from also working in the industry. Its hard for me to say this but if I have to buy my next bike, it may actually be a KTM. The only real shortcomings they have at this point is with suspension. KYB and Showa are still far superior in this regard.

I look forward to continuing this conversation with you Hybrid San
Oh How do you do weston881-san, where have you been.? Now we have Ratbert-san, yourself and me here in MotorSport rich forum.! Your critisism well taken, yes, Honda,Yamaha,Suzuki and Kawasaki has all either excelled or went over the board with its technology and or products. Honda is too slow to make a decision. The Yamaha has gone too far with its technology. Suzuki and Kawasaki has somewhat stagnated lately..It's all atributable to one thing. _Japanese YEN and its strength has been the root cause for more than 25 years for Japanese motorcycle and other industries stagnation.

When a nation's currency apreciates too much against the Dollar and Euros, it makes corporate decisions move more cautiously and slow to react to necessary changes. We buy everything from outside world in order to crank-out merchandises for sale in order to strive to surive, we have no natural resources in order to build anything.We buy everything from outside world. So when Japan's currency appreciates so much against the Dollar and Euros, all made in Japan products gets too expensive to manufacture and its end products competitively priced in world markets to be sold.

Japan has fought the demise of its economy status from number 2 to number 3 and inevitable Yen appreciation against the cheap Dollar and Euros for over 25 years, but has chissled its way forward till this date. So Honda, Yamaha and others can be producing much exciting Motor Cycles, it's the fiscal budgeting that inhibit its all ability to leap forward.

You have mentioned that you are in the industry.? What kind of environment are you in.? KTM's are good makes, no doubts about it. However, the Yamaha and the Hondas, Suzuki-Kawasakis are not too shabby either..KYB's and Showa's are they much superior to the Ohlins.? They did not started this way, do you remember the shocks on the Honda CB750 of the 70's.? May be you were not even be born back then but its Shocks were terrible.!

I don't remember if they were the Kayabas or was it the Showas,? any way, it was the FVQ series, The US motorcycle magazine's journalist used to call them: Fade-very-quickly.! The KYB and Showas superiority is much owed to trial and error,research and engineering,the actively participating in various types of racing in order to improve their products bit by bit advancement, the hard work from each company thus achieving somewhat acceptable performance. That's whay the KYB's and Showa's are superior to the shocks on the KTM's..

So if you want to invest your hard earned money into a KTM,go ahead. After all it is your money..Spend it wisely...But -mark my world-: Japan's Motorcycle industry are not at sleep, The Yen is getting weaker..Japan's economy should be re-bounding very soon. We are coming out with the next generation of Motorcycles, be them Off Road use or Sport Bikes or Touring Bikes, the good time will be rolling happyly: are around the corner.! By the way, you should already know this, the Toyota and Yamahas are one.! Now let talk about Bike racing in Chile.! If and when I move over there, I definetely would be bringing inside my moving containers, the R1 and FJ1300 along the Toyota or Lexus Hybrid vehicle for sure..
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Re: Dakar 2013

Post by rfinmdusa » Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:53 pm

Hi guys,

Thought I would chime in on this post and throw my 2 cents in.
I used to road race at the club level in Mid Atlantic USA(CCS & WERA) then moved to a brief stint at motocross and hare scramble. Now at age 52 me and my buddies(also former road racers) are into the dual purpose/enduro thing. The group goes to CO annually to DP rides using tagged dirt bikes 2 & 4 stroke, every color manufactured.

I've been looking for property in Chile for 5 years and have been down 5 times. My thoughts on bikes are this, the R1 and FJ will not serve you well based on road conditions from north to south unless you just want to stay near the major cities. The current line of adventure bikes would serve better as most of the roads are not the greatest shape. The bikes I see the most of down there other than the rental GSs are 250cc class. I met a guy from Japan on Chiloe island and he was traveling on an XR250 which he said was great except for going over the high mountains.

I bought a KTM EXC 350-F a few months ago and it is a real dual purpose bike. Street legal dirt bike out of the box, enough power to go anywhere, but a bit pricey. I have had the BMW 1150 and 1200GS and currently have the 650 Dakar and none of these will truly go on anything more that dirt roads.

I also think the Japanese make great bikes but KTM rules the roost(get it?). The Japanese have the ability to make the best DP bike out there they just lack the conviction and left the door open to long and KTM to stepped in. BMW also makes great bikes but are oriented more towards hi-end users. I will put a GS is my garage in Chile if the Chilean gov't would ever issue the title to the property we are trying to buy.

The Hilux is the shite for chile as far as vehicles go. Diesel, 4 door, truck, and Toyota all rolled into one. I wish they sold them in the US. The Suzuki Jimny which is kind of a piece but has a big fun factor built into it would be a great play vehicle.


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